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Unfortunately, here we see the damage that an abusive relationship can cause on both sides. But there are evils that come for good ...

New Moon | The sequence is even worse than its previous

Continuing the series of plots that have a history of abusive relationship and toxic relationship. The second book New Moon is the saddest and darkest book in the saga. If Twilight it is already the beginning of a relationship that does not do anything well to the protagonist, New Moon, the sequence is worse! Much worse! Because the two are together and happy. Everyone knows about the relationship. And Bella's birthday is coming up. Eighteen years.

For Bella Swan, there is something more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love with a vampire is even more dangerous than I could have imagined. Edward had already rescued Bella from the clutches of a cruel monster, but now, when the couple's daring relationship threatens everything close and dear to them, they realize that their problems may have just begun.

Firstly, Bella is saddened by not being a vampire and secondly she is upset because she will be older than Edward who was transformed at seventeen and she will grow old and die and he will be alive without the love of his life. And the problem starts at her birthday party, it only involves the Cullens.

Even though they are closer to the other friends, none of them are called for this important date. And she doesn't care, because the mysterious cat is with her and that in itself is essential. Again, she prefers to be away from friends to be available only to Cullen.

But something happens and through this the problems begin: Edward leaves her. He tells the girl that "she is not good enough for him". Bella doesn't mind having a soul - Edward believes that transforming into a vampire messes with that part too -. she wants to be with him, no matter what and the most important thing is her willingness to be a vampire and stay with Edward.

“I could see in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn't want you anymore. The most absurd, most ridiculous concept - as if there was some way I could exist without needing you! ”

And again we see all the psychological game that the vampire played on the girl to have a result. She gets lost in the forest, after being left there SO-ZI-NHA. There is only one thing in her head: Edward left me and he doesn't want me anymore. Remember the part where she has low self-esteem? Everything comes up at once.

The days go by and Bella simply forgets that there is a life beyond Edward. Every night she screams with nightmares. It isolates itself from everyone. Until Charlie realizes the misery she is in and tells her to go out, go shopping, have fun, relax. At this point in the book she is emotionally and physically fragile. The book shows a depressive character, living dead ... a zombie that just exists, does not live and does not even strive for it.

However, the father advises Bella to reconnect with her friends. And it's surprising that it's not just her, but we also realized how lonely she was because of Edward. However, she doesn't blame him for being like this. Abusive relationships are like that. The other is never to blame. The fragile person is the one who is guilty of everything in this dynamic of unhealthy relationship and only those who are outside, realize how toxic it is.

Bella's psychological is so fragmented that she puts herself in danger because she hears his voice. She hallucinates with his voice. Because after all he was the protector, he was the only worthy and the only brave person to be beside her, a "common girl" as she always claims. The most extreme part is when she throws herself off a cliff just to hear his voice and everyone thinks she is trying to kill herself. Not to mention the countless times she purposely endangers herself.

 Because there was only one thing I needed to believe in order to be able to live - I needed to know that it existed. That was all. Everything else could be supported. As long as it existed.

Fortunately, in a way, she starts to approach Jacob Black. And yet, she is divided whether her involvement with him is positive or not. Jacob is a good friend and tries to make Bella feel better. She lives and has more people around her. You feel happy and enjoy being with other people. However, Jacob starts to leave because he is turning into a wolf. And something happens to Edward who ends up leaving Bella upset and after many confusions, Bella and Edward resume the relationship ... Jacob is saddened by the rapprochement, but does not stay away from the friend who is more than a friend to him.

But it is something for us to reflect on. In a relationship you must have balance. Neither party is the “sun” of the other. Each has its own life. What if it ends? It's over, ball forward. Hurts, but it goes away. What cannot happen is to naturalize the existing toxicity in a relationship as if it were something normal and let it destroy your life, blinding you ... We need to look for self-love and only then will we know how to love the other.


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Unfortunately, here we see the damage that an abusive relationship can cause on both sides. But there are evils that come for good ...New Moon | The sequence is even worse than its previous
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