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Magic: The Gathering announces tournament in Latin America with US$45 thousand prize

Players Magic: The Gathering have a unique opportunity to show talent and skill in the most traditional trading card game in the world and, in addition, compete for a total prize pool of US$45 thousand in cash. From 11/21 to 12/13 the first edition of the Magic: The Gathering Latam Challenge, a tournament open to the public and exclusive to players from Latin America. Fully held in MTG Arena, available for PC and Mac, the competition will follow the rules of the standard format and will gather a maximum of 2,048 competitors. Interested people can now sign up free on the website.

The Magic: The Gathering Latam Challenge will be played in three stages. The first qualifier takes place on 11/21, when the first 2,048 registered players face each other in the Swiss format. The following weekend, a new qualifying round will have the 512 winners from the previous phase and will define the eight finalists, who will compete in the final playoff stage between December 11th and 13th, with live transmission through the Magic channel on Twitch and comments from professional MTG players.

The championship will be played in Brasília time and will distribute the total prize of US$45.000,00 among the 8 best of the tournament. Check out the tournament teaser on Facebook, clicking here. To download Magic: The Gathering Arena for free, go to Epic Games. Check the rules clicking here.


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