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Magic: The Gathering | Pre-launch of new Dungeons & Dragons collection has begun

Magic: The Gathering collection based on the Dungeons & Dragons universe enters pre-release with special mechanics from the classic RPG.


Physical version players of Magic: The Gathering are already counting down to get the cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms in their hands and start venturing into the collection that marks the first crossover with Dungeons & Dragons. Check out the video above in the spotlight.

From July 16th to 22nd, fans of the main trading card game in the world will be able to go to stores WPN, secure your pre-release decks and explore a series of novelties fully related to the universe of D&D, like brand new cards, amazing artwork inspired by the classic RPG and new mechanics, which can be seen below:


Magic: The Gathering | Pré-lançamento da nova coleção Dungeons & Dragons já começou 1

Dungeons are a fundamental part of the D&D experience and have a very similar function in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, where they arrive as a new type of card. In the new collection, they are available in three forms – Fandelver's Lost Mine, Tomb of Annihilation and The Mad Wizard's Dungeon – and are not in the players' hand or in the reserve deck, but in the command zone. They are brought onto the playfield by the effect of some spell or ability on the cards, and to use them the player must choose a token and place it in the first room, which is the starting point. Each time you draw a card or activate the “Dungeon Adventure” ability, the player can enter a new room, but can never go back to the previous one.

All dungeon rooms have an ability and they are activated as soon as the player enters one of them. Upon completing them, users can start a new dungeon or activate card effects that are only released in this circumstance.

Illustrative Words

Magic: The Gathering | Pré-lançamento da nova coleção Dungeons & Dragons já começou 2

Each description of a Magic card can contribute to the story it tells. Creative names and texts obviously play their part, but the content of the rules is also often very illustrative. In Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, many abilities are preceded by “Illustrative Words,” meaning italicized terms that help tell the story in progress. In many cases, they identify a specific skill or feat that a creature in the collection might have.


Magic: The Gathering | Pré-lançamento da nova coleção Dungeons & Dragons já começou 3

Magic: The Gathering couldn't crossover with Dungeons & Dragons without bringing one of the most classic RPG elements to the card game: the D20 dice. Some cards will have a table of results after the roll of the die, and the ability triggered by the number drawn may or may not save a player, including the ability to change the course of the game.


Magic: The Gathering | Pré-lançamento da nova coleção Dungeons & Dragons já começou 4

The new Magic: The Gathering collection features twelve enchantments with a Class subtype, each with its own sets of rules and abilities, which can be activated when put into the game and leveled up through the use of mana. Each player will be able to control as many enchantments as they want and give a whole new direction to the duels.

To learn more about the new mechanics of the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms collection, watch the video from the Magic: The Gathering Brazil channel, by clicking on here.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is now available for Magic: The Gathering Arena, the free, digital version of the game. on here. The official launch of the new collection for the physical version will take place on July 23rd. To find the nearest WPN store and purchase the collection, click on here.


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