Wednesday, 26, January, 2022

Major Grom Against Dr Plague| A movie that deserves to be highlighted

I have a very affectionate relationship with Major Grom. In 2017, my first coverage of San Diego Comic Con, I interviewed the Russian creators of the short film, made to promote and try to be produced internationally. I got involved right away, with the loving work they did for this promotion and how the character was important in the country.

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So when the mybest Brazil invited me to nominate my favorite movie on Netflix, I couldn't stop talking about this work that I was proud to see produced after following the sales process.

Major Grom Against Dr Plague tells the story of Igor Grom, known in St. Petersburg for his penetrating character and irreconcilable attitude towards criminals. But everything changes dramatically with the appearance of a person named Dr. Pest.

Considered the Russian hero, the character is important in his country and a great global achievement. It's a fun and action-packed movie that promises to be entertaining.

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