Sunday, 5th, December, 2021

September mornings | Amazon announces season 2 of the series

Amazon Prime Video announced the production of the second season of the Brazilian series Original Amazon September Mornings. With Liniker again in the role of Cassandra, the new season portrays the unfolding of his life after the events of the first season. The series is produced by Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck, from O2 Filmes.

In Cassandra's life, everything goes awry since the arrival of Gersinho, her son. His life has totally changed and, in the new season, the feeling of lack of control deepens. A reunion with her past after ten years, the conflicts in relationships and the financial challenges that put her achievements at risk push our heroine to her limits. Now, all of Cassandra's certainties seem to melt into thin air.

In addition to Liniker, the second season cast of September Mornings çonta again with Thomas Aquino, Karine Teles, Gustavo Coelho, Gero Camilo, Paulo Miklos, Clodd Dias, Isabela Ordoñez, Clebia Souza, Inara Cristina, Elisa Lucinda, Linn da Quebrada, divine nubia and Danna Lisbon. As in the first season, the script is Josefina Trotta, Alice Marcone and Marcelo Montenegro, with direction Luis Pinheiro and Dainara Toffoli.

The new season of September Mornings will join thousands of TV shows and movies in the Prime Video catalog, including Amazon Brazilian Originals like 5X Comedy, Loose in Floripa, All or Nothing: Brazilian National Team, Dom and disjoined, as well as award-winning productions and critically acclaimed Amazon Originals global series such as Jack Ryan by Tom Clancy, Good Omens, The Boys, Homecoming and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel; and Amazon Originals global films such as the Oscar winner The Sound of Silence, A Prince in New York 2No Remorse by Tom Clancy and The War of Tomorrow.

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