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Marvel takes the magic out of Harry Potter in one of his comics

What would your reaction be when you saw Harry Potter on the pages of a HQ Marvel? And no, dear readers, this is not about magic, nor is it a partnership of J.K. Rowling with Stan Lee. This is the new edition of Doctor Strange, which Marvel has been publishing since October 2015 and currently, the story takes place at a moment entitled "" ("The Death of Magic", in Portuguese) and reports precisely the risk of the end of magic.The Death of Magic

On one of the pages where he addresses the global impact in case it ever happened, he shows a boy wizard with a bandage on his forehead wielding an object that resembles a wand. Unlike Harry, the boy wears rectangular shaped glasses (Harry's are round) and appears to be bigger than the character created by JK Rowling.

According to the publication, the boy resides in County Surrey, in southeastern England, which coincidentally turns out to be the same place where Harry spends his summer holidays with his uncles Walter and Petunia Dursley and his cousin Duda. The image shows “Marvel-Harry” crying, obviously frustrated by not performing his spells anymore with the following caption: “The magic that was supposed to one day save an orphaned boy in Surrey from a life of torment and torture. That prophecy would never come true ” ("The magic that would one day save an orphaned boy in Surrey from a life of torment and torment. That prophecy would never come true", in Portuguese).

Issue number six was launched in the USA on March 9 and is not expected to arrive in Brazil. The film Doctor Strange, hits theaters day November 4, 2016, few days before the debut of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, spin-off of the Harry Potter franchise and which has the script signed by JK Rowling.

Strange, isn't it? No pun intended.



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