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Mauricio de Sousa Produções and Editora Panini close partnership of Turma da Mônica with DC Comics


This Friday (10), the Mauricio de Sousa Produções and the Panini Publishing House, announced a new (plus one of many) partnership of Monica's Gang with the DC Comics. In an interview with the website Twitter, Mauricio de Sousa said that the idea came after analyzing and studying the partnership market, which brings a very positive result. "The idea of crossover is being used a lot by different characters, authors and comic book distributors, and it works very well", said. “So, this opportunity arose and I thought the idea was great“, revealed the cartoonist.

This is not the first time that the characters of Class venture into other stories. Through parodies, they experienced magic in Hogratis, school of witchcraft in Porker Smudge and the Distraction Stone, special edition of the series Cinema Classics Where Mauricio retold the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in a very peculiar way, and also, chive gave life to Batmon and Chico Bento, to Super-Home.

Still in development, Mauricio has been very satisfied and excited about the project. "It's been a nice job of research, drawing technique and everything, and in a way, it's showing another side of our studio", celebrated the father of the Monica, who considers the partnership to be a unique project, but does not hide the desire to continue the action and claims that everything depends on the results.

"Some designers surprised me. They developed a technique that, until then, they did not know. This proves that if we ever want to continue or create a new line of different characters for young or adult audiences, we would undoubtedly succeed“, Finished.

Apparently, eight magazines will be produced, two with the Monica's Young Gang and the other six, with the Class still a child. The project aims to reach the United States and in some stories, the villains Ugly Captain and Joker, will be present. THE launch is scheduled for the days December 6 and 9, during the Comic Con Experience 2018 (CCXP) and the expected arrival at newsstands, is until the end of the year.



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