On September 22, it premieres exclusively on Star + McCartney 3,2,1, documentary series with the legendary Paul McCartney and the music producer Rick Rubin. All six episodes will be available on The Walt Disney Company's new streaming service, which features adult entertainment and sports content.

In 30-minute episodes, McCartney sits face-to-face with Rubin in deep conversations to discuss his groundbreaking work with the Beatles, the iconic '70s with the formation of the band Wings, and his 50 years as a solo artist.

The series explores music and creativity in a unique and revealing way, and audiences will be able to join the two music legends in intimate conversations about musical composition, influences and personal relationships that have informed iconic songs that have been a part of several generations.

In addition to starring in the production, Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin also serve as executive producers on the series. Join them in executive production Peter Berg, Matthew Goldberg, Brandon Carroll, Frank Marshall, Ryan Suffern and Jeff Pollack.


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