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Despicable Me 3

Adults also like animations

In 2010, when My favorite evil was released, nobody knew that the animation would fall in the taste of the parents who accompanied their children in the cinema. With a premise never seen before, the differential of being focused on a villain and several strange yellow beings, the drawing ended up pleasing all ages.

Now, in his third film in the franchise and four productions related to the characters, My favorite evil he knows that he needs to reach all audiences and invests in referrals for adults while maintaining the elements that have been fun until then.

The villain of the time, Balthazar Bratt, was tasked with pleasing older viewers. A man who seems to have stopped in the 80s, when he was a child star of what was possibly the worst series ever written, Bratt let his character, an evil boy, affect his reality to the point of becoming him and being stuck in the same decade. And it is in the moments when the villain enters the scene that adults have fun with the songs and references of the 80s.

Crítica: Meu Malvado Favorito 3 1
The old-fashioned Balthazar Bratt | Image: Universal Pictures

On the other side of the plot, we have the fun Dru, twin brother lost from Gru, which is featured in this feature. The hairy brother, who was raised by the recently deceased father of the two, wants to be better at the art of villainy to meet the wishes of the late father, and for this he needs the tips of Gru, who in turn abandoned this life for good.

The famous Minios manage to be very successful in their participation in the trilogy of My favorite evil, being responsible for almost all the comedic moments of the film, however they were not able to maintain the same interest in his solo production. With that in mind, they were thrown into the background in Despicable Me 3, having a sub-plot just for them that serves to create fun scenes - mainly for children - but they do not interfere with anything in the main events.

Meu Malvado Favorito 3
Despicable Me 3 | Image: Universal Pictures

Among the delicious references of a remarkable decade, several easter eggs that catch the attention of viewers of all ages (note various elements of the classics of Disney hidden in some scenes and several classic cinema references in others) and a script that manages to maintain coherence, the events unfold in a natural and interesting way, not becoming tiring at any time.

Despicable Me 3 shows that the franchise has not lost its charm yet. Focusing on a much more familiar plot, the work still manages to present interesting subjects without appearing forced or exaggerated. Fun for children and adults, it is a great production for the whole family.

See the technical sheet and complete cast of Despicable Me 3

Thunder Wave note
Pleasing children and adults, with several references to the 80's, drawing is a great program for the whole family.


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