Midway - Battle on the High Seas | New trailer shows new footage from the film


Midway - Battle on the High Seas had a new trailer released, with unpublished scenes of the emblematic battle that marked a fundamental turning point for the Second World War.

Watch by clicking on the video above.

Based on historical facts, Midway - Battle on the High Seas highlights the events of the Battle of Midway, a confrontation between American forces and the Japanese Imperial Navy, six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The plot shows the trajectory of leaders and soldiers who used instinct and courage to overcome adversity and survive during the war in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Starring Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Nick Jonas and a great cast, the film is directed by Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow”) and is scheduled to hit theaters in November, with Diamond Films distribution. .


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