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Mila in the Multiverse | Disney+ announces start of production of new national series


Disney+ has just announced the start of recordings for Mila in the Multiverse, a new Brazilian science fiction series that hits the platform in 2022. The plot tells the story of Mila, who, on her sixteenth birthday, receives a device that can take her to visit parallel universes in search of her mother, Elis. . Soon, she realizes that this disappearance is just the beginning of her story, as Elis, upon discovering the existence of multiple universes, is chased by a mysterious group called 'The Operators'. Mila will need to quickly adapt to the challenges, and with the help of her new old friends Juliana, Vinícius and Pierre, she will go in search of her mother, thus living the most incredible adventure in exploring the vast multiverse.

The series, which promises fun for the whole family, crosses several genres, such as comedy and suspense, with a plot that addresses the importance of friendship, and the richness that diversity brings, while showing the flora and fauna Brazilian for the audience. Recorded in São Paulo, the production will have 8 episodes lasting 30 minutes each. Mila in the Multiverse is content produced by Disney+ Original Productions and performed by Boutique Films and Nonstop.

They are in the cast: Laura Light ("Mila"), Malu Mader("Elis"), Yuki Sugimoto ("Juliana"), Dani Flomin ("Pierre"), João Victor ("Vinicius"), Rafaela Mandelli ("Director Veronica"), Felipe Montanari ("Boris"), Danilo de Moura ("Domestic"), Amanda Lyra (“Ilka”), among other names. The general direction is from Julia Jordan. The roadmap for Mila in the Multiverse it's from Cassio Koshikumo (“3%” and “Julie and the Ghosts”) and Janaina Tokitaka (“Back at 15”) and the producer James Mello (“3%”, “Omniscient”, “Summer Season”).

Mila in the Multiverse is part of the wide range of new Disney+ productions fully developed in the region, in line with The Walt Disney Company Latin America's commitment to produce locally relevant content for the service. streaming in partnership with producers in the region and bringing together recognized talents.



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