My Mother Is One Piece 3 | Dona Hermínia is dealing with the new family members in the movie trailer


Dona Hermínia fans already have a date set to kill the nostalgia: My Mother Is One Piece 3 hits theaters on December 26. And anyone who is eager to know what are the new adventures of this unique character will be able to check out a preview of what she is going to do in the trailer that has just been released.

Watch by clicking on the video above.

New characters appear to leave Brazil's most beloved mother with the curlers up. Marcelina's boyfriend wasn't enough (Mariana Xavier) who seems to have few skills to be a father, behold Ana (Stella Maria Rodrigues), Juliano's mother-in-law (Rodrigo Pandolfo), which comes to torment everyone's life. There are so many news that Herminia will end up in Los Angeles with Dona Lourdes (Malu Valle) to relax and rediscover yourself.

With direction by Susana Garcia, the comedy also has in the cast Herson Capri, Samantha Schmütz, Alexandra Richter, Patrycia Travassos, Malu Valle, Lucas Cordeiro, Cadu Fávero and Bruno Bebianno.


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