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Mysteries Revealed | New History series investigates the veracity of intriguing videos, photos and recordings

In Mysteries Revealed, journalist Tony Harris and his team of experts discover which records are fake and which are true

In the new series Mysteries Revealed (The Proof is Out There), that the History premiering on May 1, the journalist Tony Harris and his team investigate strange and mysterious videos, audios and photos, with the latest technology and the help of experts, to see if they are real or not. Of giant beasts, UFOs, supposed mutants and apocalyptic sounds, no record will be missed.

At the premiere, two episodes will be shown, starting at 8:30 pm:

In the first one, Alien globes and balls of lights, strange objects captured by a drone camera in Wisconsin could be UFOs? And can a rare sound recorded in North Carolina be part of a secret government program? How do some airplanes defy the laws of physics? Tony Harris seeks to answer all of these questions.

Then in Monkey Island Escape, mysterious objects seen over Miami and Mexico prove the existence of UFOs? Do the remains found on a North Carolina beach belong to a mutant monkey? Tony Harris and his team examine the evidence to find out which of these cases are real.

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