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Analysis| Acer Nitro XZ322Q 31.5′ Gamer Monitor

The Acer Nitro XZ322Q Gamer Monitor is a great choice for gamers and also for everyday work, especially for your well-being and enjoyment.

The question to begin this analysis is: where have I been all this time without this giant? Yes, because the Acer Nitro XZ322Q 31.5′ Gamer Monitor is a giant in every way!

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First because he's really big. Its 31.5′ inches are a true explosion of color and definition. Play titles on it like Mass Effect Legendary Edition is quite an adventure, mainly because it is a fictional title with a variation of colors, ranging from the dark of space to the light of the ships.

It was a time that time does not forget

already said the song Galloping Song in Joe Ramalho, that gamers of the old didn't care so much about powerful graphics cards to play on notebooks. To be exact, even today the most hardcore and eSports players prefer to have a nice quality monitor to finish off their enemies.

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But it's not just games that you can live with the Nitro XZ322Q. Watching your favorite series and movies is an excellent choice. You can connect to a note, PC, box, whatever, to check the latest releases of streaming channels.

Its curved style is formidable so that no detail is lost, no matter where you are watching your program, that is, in the center or around the corners of the screen.


Many people have trouble playing on any screen larger than 27′. Because of the brightness, because you end up getting lost in some details, whatever, the general public is used to smaller screens. That's why a monitor with 31.5 might even seem too much. Only not!

With a curved screen, HDMI input and good sound, depending on your game, the Acer Nitro XZ322Q is unmatched. You can customize it with your color style like Game View and still let it tinkle for you.

There are several possibilities of image configuration in the Acer Nitro, which added to the already pre-defined settings, give a new kind of “flavor” to your entertainment. User can choose between Action, Racing, Sports, Standard, Eco, Graphics, HDS and User.


Gamer monitors are not just for powering some PC or console. It's also for work. As expected, the Acer Nitro is more than an excellent choice for working with general image and video editing.

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Its excellent gloss quality makes it an option for working with software like CorelDraw and even the Adobe package, like the Photoshop. In the video editing part it also leaves nothing to be desired.

Even if you only use it to work with presentation programs like PowerPoint or even Scripts like Final Draft, Acer Nitro is second to none. Not just because it has 31.5, but because its curvature helps to look at what's being done, especially for screenwriters who need a screen a little more “spaced out”.

Worth it?

High-performance monitors may seem like a luxury item, but when you put it down on paper, it's more than worth it, especially if you're thinking about the health of your eyes, neck and body in general.

Having a curved screen with color adjustments and flexibility in adjusting height and tilt makes it a virtually complete monitor. The feeling of playing and working for hours in front of you is rewarded with healthier eyesight.

Therefore, the Acer Nitro XZ322Q Gamer Monitor is more than a market option, it is a choice for your well-being and enjoyment.

The Acer Nitro XZ322Q Gamer Monitor has been sent by Acer for review!

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The Acer Nitro XZ322Q Gamer Monitor is a great choice for gamers and also for everyday work, especially for your well-being and enjoyment.

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