A study conducted by trope, accelerator of influence of Generation Z, in partnership with a research group AlgorithmCOM, aimed to identify whether plurality feels represented in advertising for gamers. The campaign #EuAmalsoAGamer seeks visibility and representation so that it is a space occupied in a plural way and had the support of gamers of diversity such as: Buero, Mandy Candy, Bryanna Nasck, Luis Gouveia (LJoga), Diana Zambrozuski, Machadinho, among others.

The research identified that 59% of respondents agree that brands do not represent diversity, and 93% of diversity gamers consider brands' investments in advertising to be important to the public. has been used cause discomfort.

Another data is that 77% of the respondents agree that companies/brands lack inclusion for more diversity in advertising. A 25-year-old female participant, cis, bisexual, white, from SP highlights the issue, “When you have women behind the scenes, making decisions, that's when there is diversity. A woman can be a presenter – but she can also be a coach, an analyst, a player,” she says.

For Luiz Menezes, founder of Trope, the conduction of the research started from a question present on the internet, but with a lack of data that could really bring visibility to the theme: “Brazil has a lot to advance in the diversity theme, so the research shows that the path to achieving plurality is long. We know that data and action plans are the first steps to bring about the necessary change”, he says.

Along with the creation of the movement, Trope announces the launch of a series of initiatives to bring brands, advertising agencies and the gaming industry, more prominently to minorities: workshop “in company” with expert advice, gamer acceleration program, and diversity projects.

About 4,000 respondents participated in the survey that considered any and all diversity, who play digital games and/or consume game content (live broadcasts, news, influencers, championships, among others) as long as they belong to at least one of the following clippings : people of color, LGBTQIAP+, PwDs (people with disabilities). The objective was to measure the feeling and characteristics that gamers of diversity have when asked about how much they feel represented by advertising for gamers. From the quantitative and qualitative responses it was possible to make the feelings tangible.

Check out the full survey: https://trope.se/estudo-diversidade


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