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Review: Mudbound- Tears Over Mississippi

The various types of prejudice

Based on eponymous book of Hillary Jordan, Mudbound: Tears Over Mississippi adapts to the screens the social criticisms contained in the work.

Set in the time of the Second World War, the feature features the McAllan family, who when moving to a farm in Mississippi faces several problems in his life. Using the same narrative as the book, which exposes the points of view with chapters separated by character, the script employs an intimate narrative that deeply analyzes the feeling of each character.

Crítica: Mudbound- Lágrimas Sobre o Mississipi 1
Mudbound- Tears Over Mississippi | Image: Diamond Films

Mudbound: Tears Over Mississippi flees the account of the war and delves into the daily issues of those who have not fought in it. Showing life in the interior of the Mississippi, the plot reports the machismo that Laura (Carey Mulligan) suffered at a time when the husband-represented here by Henry McAllan (Jason Clarke) - dominate the wife, while investing mainly in the extreme racism existing at the time.

The war is the main point of connection between the two families of the film, where the initial scene is shown Jamie McAllan (Garret Hedlund) and Ronzel Jackson (Jason Mitchell) going to serve. The two make an interesting contrast during the plot, since when they return, they show the difference in treatment. Jamie, being white, is treated with cordiality while the black Ronzel needs to lower himself again, even though he had a respectable rank in the army. It's natural to be shocking as simple acts, like going out the front door, are criticized when coming from a black man. Jonathan Banks most of these demonstrations are in charge of their very well Pappy, typical old macho, racist and ignorant.

Crítica: Mudbound- Lágrimas Sobre o Mississipi 2
Jamie and Ronsel on Mudbound- Tears Over the Mississippi | Image: Diamond Films

However, the focus is not only on these characters, in addition to the aforementioned troubled marriage of Henry and Laura, there is conflict between families. Ronsel's parents, Hap (Rob Morgan) and Florence Jackson (Mary J. Blige) are farm workers and represent the difficulty in earning a living as simple farm workers, while showing their wisdom and subtly highlighting the racist hierarchy of the time.

Dee Rees he does an incredible job in directing, using simple cuts to move from one point of view to another, and knowing how to use thought-provoking scenes to arrest the viewer. This is essential to not make the narrative sickening, since first-person films are not always pleasing, especially when they use the thoughts of various characters. The performances are equally capable, there are moments when the narrated thought becomes expendable, since the great performance shows in its features.

Crítica: Mudbound- Lágrimas Sobre o Mississipi 3
Mudbound- Tears Over Mississippi | Image: Diamond Films

Mudbound: Tears Over Mississippi invests in subtlety to deal with different prejudices. Without appealing to the use of visually strong scenes, the film manages to represent the grief of the situation without shocking the audience. It is a great analysis of small and large prejudiced acts that were committed at the time, placed in a direct and impactful way.

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Mudbound: Tears About Mississippi invests in subtlety to address different prejudices.


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