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Far beyond Spider-Man: The future of the character universe at Marvel and Sony

Much is said about the speculations of Spider-Man without returning home, but the character's universe goes beyond, see what will still be released from the hero's universe.

The following text has Venom spoilers: Carnage time.

Since the beginning of the production of Spider-Man: No return home, several rumors and theories took over the internet, some were confirmed with the first trailer, others still only follow in the imagination.

Official Spider-Man Trailer: No Homecoming

And expectations and theories only increased after Venom: time of carnage. The sequel to the long solo feature by the symbiote brings an important connection between the villain's universe and the neighbor's universe within the Marvel.

But despite the huge expectations for the film, there are still other derivatives of the webhead universe in the calendar of Sony that may or may not be part of the same universe as Spider-Man from Tom Holland.

And the news in this universe is not restricted to the big screen. According to the deadline, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of Spider-Man in Spider-Man, signed a contract with Sony TV to develop series in the character's Universe. Check out some confirmed works and some rumors about the future of the Spider-Man universe:


With the commercial success of Venom, Sony decided to invest in yet another Spider-Man villain, and announced Morbius. The feature will feature Jared Leto in the main role, and in his materials released until then, he presented a tone more focused on suspense and terror.

The feature was scheduled to premiere in March 2021, but went through several postponements, and the current premiere is scheduled for January 2022. The trailer already reveals a dialogue between Adrian Toomes, O Vulture in Spider-Man back home, interpreted by Michael Keaton, with the vampire alive.

Spider-Man in Spiderverse 2

Crítica: Homem-Aranha no Aranhaverso

O Spiderverse was considered by many webhead fans to be the best adaptation involving the character. No wonder it took the Oscar for best animated film in 2019, and was recently voted by empire magazine as the best movie animation of all time.

The sequel is scheduled to premiere in 2022 and should bring new versions of spiders to the big screen, including a lot of speculation about Tom Holland's cameos, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Kraven the hunter

Quem é Kraven? Conheça o novo vilão do Homem-Aranha na Marvel
/Marvel Comics

Another villain who will also have his movie in the Sony universe is the Kraven. The character was once responsible for letting the Spider close to his death in the comics, and has a great mythology behind his story. The character will be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, O Mercury in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and hits theaters in 2023.


Marvel prepara série live action de Silk •
/Marvel Comics

Cindy Moon, the alter ego of Silk was created in comics in 2014, and has similar powers to Peter parker, and was bitten by the same spider that bit the web head. In 2020 it was announced by Deadline that Sony was producing a character series for the Prime Video, and according to the tabloid the series will be written by Lauren Moon who worked with the studio in Atypical.

Unconfirmed works

In addition to those already confirmed and with production in progress, there are still some projects that were confirmed in the past, but shelved as the film from Silver Sable and Black cat. The idea was conceived in 2013, and in 2017, Gina Prince-Bythewood was confirmed as the film's director and screenwriter, but after the agreement with Marvel, the idea has not had any advances in production so far.

Muito além do Homem-Aranha: O futuro do universo do personagem na Marvel e na Sony 1

Some other projects are speculated within Sony as madam web and a feature of the sinister sextet, the second in turn has also been thought of in the past, during the Garfield era in the skin of Peter Parker.

The future of the character is still very promising, whether in partnership with Marvel or in a Sony universe, whether as Peter Parker or the other versions like Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and Michael O'Hara, and even characters who have not yet appeared in any live action version but who can give a new lease of life to the character's universe on the big screen.

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