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Wonder Woman | Get ready for the second film (and Gal Gadot's arrival in Brazil)


After 2017 the nerd universe gained new air, this due to the first solo film by a heroine which is directed by a woman. That's right, women already had a space, but after this film it became evident that we need more representation in the middle. This year, we will be honored to honor more details at CCXP 19 that will bring Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins on the panel Wonder Woman 1984 – film that opens in 2020.

But before we watch the first trailer of the sequel to Wonder Woman, how about we remember the first movie?

The 2017 feature brings the origin of the character Diana, who is an Amazon from the island of themyscira and prepares to face an evil that ravages the world and that is being destroyed through the first world war. It is the best film in the extended DC universe, it brings color, light, well-shot scenes, heart, captivating characters and a cohesive story, in addition to addressing social issues in a subtle and natural way. 

The film runs away from the "traditional recipe" of DC/ Warner Bros. with dark and heavy productions. Wonder Woman managed to be aesthetically very well built, because Patty Jenkins made the film have a very colorful look, something that was lacking in DC movies, and the most interesting thing is that it doesn't clash with the rest of the universe. Still, it didn't resemble Marvel's productions at all. In other words, the feature film produced by Jenkins has a very striking visual identity of its own.

Unlike what we always see in fairy tales where the female character has as main goal or desire being “love”, the plot makes Diana's goals are different. It is possible to make a film in which the female character's goal is not love but to place her as the main agent of her own life. The woman can fight, take care of others, look for her social interests, as we see in a scene in which the participation of women in political spheres was prohibited, and at that moment we see that Diana claims and imposes herself. And this reminds us that for a long time many women could not vote or were not considered citizens as in ancient Greece. No, the film is not feminist. It's a project that has a very powerful heroine and social criticism is due to its underexplored profile in cinema. On the other hand, he's not sexist either. Well, she is an Amazon, a warrior from an isolated island with a tropical climate. And in a way, Jenkins has a vision of the scenes that instead of seeing a heroine as a sex symbol, we see a sexy yet powerful heroine. And she doesn't need to flaunt her power or the heroine factor, Diana speaks for herself.

Gal Gador (Diana) and Chris Pine (Steve) in Wonder Woman /Image: Warner Bros – DC

As the film unfolds, we see the “helpless damsel” who is not so helpless and gets more prominence than the young ladies we are used to seeing, this is because Chris Pine, Steve, is a spy soldier and this detail within the plot makes sense and if she needs it to resolve bureaucratic issues, this is all explained by the historical context of machismo at the time, which would put many obstacles in her trajectory and the script works in Steve's development very well, because it guarantees affection to the character by the audience but without taking the lead from Gal Gadot, who is charismatic and at the same time has the posture of a strong and tough woman. Yes, there are times when it's possible to ship Steve and Diana, they make a nice couple. And it shows the innocence of the character, who sees pleasure in small things, like ice cream. It's action, fantasy, adventure and even a hint of romance, but it's about love between people and a love for humanity. It may be cliché, but we see the development of a heroine, a strong and determined woman, but sensitive and capable of love. The heroine's journey has been used well.

The script is very safe and guarantees a good movie. The humor or comic scenes are to the extent, not forced. And every scene is tied to the other, without sudden jumps that clash with the objective that is to make a good film. Another aspect is the well-choreographed action scenes and Jenkins' use of slow motion and absurd movements in no way tries to draw attention to his direction, but rather to emphasize the physical abilities of the Amazons and consequently of the Women Wonderful. And the character's theme track is chilling when put in scenes of a lot of beating. Another point is that those who watch and even the character herself will gradually discover her strengths and abilities, which makes the film natural.

Gal Gadot on display at CCXP 2019 takes place between December 5th and 8th, in São Paulo.

It is noteworthy that it is not a heroine film against villains, but about the emergence of a heroine. The villains and characters that have a funnier part play their roles well. The plot doesn't get boring and escapes the archetype of ostentation, heavy construction, dark and exaggerated humor adopted by DC in recent productions like Batman VS Superman and Suicide squad, which didn't surprise that much. Well, what can we expect from wonder woman 1984? That's what Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot will tell us at CCXP 19, an exclusive panel for the first time will be broadcast live on Twitter, connecting in real-time the stars and 3,500 fans present at the venue to Wonder Woman fans around the world.



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