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After 'Lucifer', Netflix acquires the rights to 'Designated Survivor', saving the series from cancellation

After the cancellations and uncertainties that lurked behind the scenes of broadcasters and large TV studios, very few productions were saved and relocated to other channels, such as cases of Brooklyn 99 and recently, Lucifer. This time, one more production was saved from its eternal cancellation and gained another opportunity, at least, to end in a more dignified way.

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and bailouts of major American TV titles

Designated Survivor, carried out by the actor Kiefer Sutherland, the agent Jack Bauer in 24 hours. As in Lucifer, a Netflix was the one who saved the series and will bring the production to his catalog as a “Original Netflix“. For the Brazilian public, this will not affect much, after all, whoever follows the series, knows that it is already like an original, however, in practice, there were changes.

Originally, Designated Survivor was exhibited and produced by ABC Studios and the Netflix, only owned the broadcast rights around the world. With the rescue, the series becomes the property of the giant of the streaming, having all the rights to move, approve and / or disapprove the direction of the story, as well as, feel the need to add new actors and actresses to the cast and hire new ones showrunners.

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Designated Survivor series rescue

For the new season, Neal Bear assumes the position of showrunner and unlike the first two, the third year will consist of just 10 episodes, where the President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) will have to face a presidential campaign and all the unusual reality that goes on behind the scenes. Several questions will be raised and will also open a space for debates about the true role of a leader and the price at which he is willing to pay for the welfare of others.

The new season also intends to address, how the world of political campaigns works, the improbable tactics, funding and the subject that currently surround the tables of debates and journalistic discussions, the fake news. Filming should start at the end of the year so that the premiere is still in 2019. The first two seasons are in the catalog of Netflix.


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