Friday, 26th, November, 2021

Netflix will have series adapted for books by Planeta de Livros Brasil

The first projects to be launched are La casa de papel, Élite and La casa de las flores.

O Planet Group today announced a global editorial agreement with Netflix for publishing books based on their series. The first projects to be launched are The paper houseElite and La casa de las flores.

As part of the collaboration, Grupo Planeta will publish Spanish, Spanish and Latin American novels, nonfiction books and comic books that will expand the narrative and creative universes of the acclaimed Netflix series. Grupo Planeta will also manage the international publishing rights of all books that are published.

“We are very excited about the association with Grupo Planeta to expand the reach and universe of 'La casa de Papel', 'Élite' and 'La casa de las flores', three of our most universal Spanish series. These titles are very dear to our members worldwide and we are proud that Spanish-speaking writers are inspired by these great stories and characters ”. -Paco Ramos, Vice President of Original Content at Netflix.


“In an increasingly globalized world, with a fine line between book publishing and audiovisual content, we are very happy with the agreement reached with Netflix and with the possibility of publishing the books in these series that are successful worldwide. We are convinced that the books will be a perfect complement to the series ”.- Jesús Badenes, general director of Grupo Planeta's Books Division.

The first titles will start arriving in bookstores in the spring of 2019.

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