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Nine Perfect Strangers | 9 reasons to watch the miniseries

What you need to know to start watching Nine Perfect Strangers on Prime Video.


Nine Perfect Strangers already disembarked in Brazilian lands by Prime Video. The series is an adaptation of the book of the same name, in Brazil. Nine Unknowns, written by Liane Moriarty. The novel is being released by the publisher Intrinsic.

The adaptation revolves around the Tranquillum House spa, a luxurious and secluded spot that promises to radically change the lives of its guests in just one stay. Suffering from stress, tiredness or even dissatisfaction with their own bodies, nine people with different personalities decide to participate in the retreat, which is run by an enigmatic Russian woman named Masha (Nicole Kidman).

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According to the Hulu, which broadcasts in the US, Nine Perfect Strangers became a huge success, with the debut being the most viewed. And for those who don't remember who they are Liane Moriarty, she is the writer of Big Little Lies, which was transformed into a series of HBO written by David E. Kelley and starring Nicole Kidman.

Now check out 9 reasons to watch the miniseries, plus some mentioned above.

It's not a horror story

The miniseries may even have an 'air' of a horror series, but it's not. According to the series director, Jonathan Levine, the show is something that “really transcends genre”. Levine even continued to say during the panel for the summer tour of Television Critics Association (TCA): “I certainly thought about horror and I certainly thought about thrillers. But at the end of the day, even though we're playing around with those tropes, I think, for me, it was about character and about these beautiful people that you kind of empathize with and fall in love with. We were certainly playing with audience expectations and using the genre as a vehicle to tell this story and keep it compelling.”

She's about "pain"

For sure Nine Perfect Strangers it's about pain. But not physical, but emotional. The series deals with feelings and how people react to them. It is intimate and makes the viewer feel empathy for the characters. The plot shows these various problems, which seem simple, but go further, because they are real.

There is the divorcee who thinks that all she has to do is lose weight to end her problems, a novelist with personal problems of having been lied to, another with an addiction problem, in addition to the mysteries that the story will show.

Second Melissa McCarthy, who plays novelist Frances Welty, “Doing the show made you think a lot about what you do to cover up your issues, because at some point, you have to leave. So it is as if you are already in the midst of misery and suffering, so make a change. And that's what I think this show is about."

toxic relationships

As described above, the miniseries is about pain. One of the striking points of Nine Perfect Strangers is to observe two families present at the show. Both go through severe emotional strains in their relationships. While one is about a loss, the other is about what they lost to be where they are. Not to release spoilers.

Emotions, when they become repressed, tend to make people end up abusing others sentimentally. It's not just the abuse of control that does this, but doubt is also a deadly weapon.

During the episodes one of the characters doesn't really want to talk about his loss and how it impacts his family's life. He prefers to keep quiet and hide behind statistics. This causes his wife and daughter to feel guilty for still suffering so much and for him to appear to have continued.

In the other couple, they are trying to get it right and find where the love got lost. But only she does this quest, but through other people's examples and the total loss of her self-esteem, while he prefers to ignore her for so many things she has done to herself.

These facts end up being totally toxic in relationships, which can even lead to thoughts of suicide.

Who am I?

Nine Perfect Strangers features a social media celebrity, a novelist and also a former athlete, played by Bobby Cannavale. Tony Hogburn, your character is a person in a lot of pain, but it's physical and emotional. Unlike celebrities who want to be recognized, he wants to distance himself, to the point where he has become completely sloppy.

Cannavale describes the character as "very aggressive" but "it's behavior out of desperation". "I think he's so numb from these drugs and the way his whole life and his relationships have been clouded by it, I think any kind of teasing is going to spur him on in the right way."

In search of perfection

Of course Nine Perfect Strangers would not fail to criticize such a hot topic that has become more than a worldwide fever. But this issue is not just about how these influencers live, but also about people addicted to technology.

Samara Weaving plays Jessica, a person who can't put down her cell phone. And this is something totally serious that makes her become anxious. It's totally visible how nervous the character is when she doesn't have it in her hand, even seeming to suffer from a lack of “drugs”.

In addition, she also suffers from body dysmorphia, which is a disorder where the person sees defects where there are none or is too uncomfortable with certain characteristics in front of the mirror. According to the actress, she did a lot of research on the subject and talked to people who suffer from the disease.

Why Tranquillum?

Why would people leave their lives to go to Tranquillum? For many reasons. Some to do couples therapy, others like a spa, and especially to the point of despair, because there is no way to find help among your loved ones, so all you have to do is seek it with a stranger.

This is an interesting point that the miniseries addresses. Because the story could happen anywhere, even with a psychologist on the corner, but why in an isolated place, where you can't even keep your cell phone and eat the food you're used to?

Why does someone suggest themselves to hand their life over to someone else? Is it just desperation to want to end your pain?


Nine Perfect Strangers takes a very well done approach which is the lack of humanity that some people have when they become rich. This is seen in the way some characters in the Hulu miniseries treat team members as practically nothing and who must always be there for them.

In the miniseries there is a majority of high income and only one of low income, where they always say that they should be grateful for being there. In addition, it is interesting to notice the cultural diversity present in Tranquillum, not only in the main cast, but also in the secondary.

The Good Place

Yes, in case you didn't know, the actor Jason Mendoza who became famous for the series The Good Place is in the series as Jacinto. And just like the NBC series where he played Ted Danson, he seems to be living a utopia again. But now he's much more involved in events.

Regardless of what his role in Tranquillum is, he's certainly more than a main character in the plot.

Nicole Kidman

This is certainly one of the biggest reasons to watch the Hulu miniseries in Brazil on Prime Video. Nicole Kidman is very good in her role, so much so that it is impossible to make any comparison with any of her former characters. About her characters, she said in an interview at TCA:

“I kind of found the accent due to taking her whole life story together and making her a Russian-American mix. The first scene we shot was the one where I walk into the room and say, 'I'm Masha. Welcome to Tranquillum.' And then, I was able to stay in that place.”

She adds that “I wanted a very calm healing energy to emanate at all times. So I remember going up to people and kind of putting my hand on their hearts or holding their hands.”

Still to play the role of Masha, the actress said that she dived in and became the character, so much so that she never answered people when they called her by her name, Nicole. “It was the only way to really relate to people because I felt like I was doing a performance otherwise and I didn’t want to feel that way.”



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