Nobody's Looking | Netflix Brazilian comedy has trailer released


What people call luck is nothing more than the invisible work of an Angelus. That's what the trailer for the new Netflix original series shows No one is looking, acid comedy created and directed by Daniel Rezende (Bingo, the King of the Morning, Turma da Mônica - Ties).

The video presents the four fundamental rules of the Angelus System for the protection of humans. Watch by clicking on the player above.

Uli (Victor Lamoglia) is the newest Angelus in the 5511th District. Under the tutelage of veterans Greta (Júlia Rabello) and Chun (Danilo de Moura), and the relentless look of Inspector Fred (Augusto Madeira), he will learn everything about the Angelus System. However, unable to accept the boss's arbitrary orders, Uli decides to help humans on his own. In a few hours, the rookie breaks all the rules. But, to his surprise, he is not punished. Is the boss really watching?

With eight episodes, No one is looking opens on November 22, worldwide, only on Netflix.


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