Tuesday, 29, September, 2020
Start Series News Nobody's Looking | Netflix cancels the national series and fans ...

Nobody's Looking | Netflix cancels the national series and fans react negatively

The Netflix yesterday announced the cancellation of its national series No one is looking. Directed by Daniel Rezende, the comedy lasted for a season and featured acidic criticisms of the system.

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Subscribers to the streaming they are revolting at the company's excessive cancellations and have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the company's decision on social media. Some threaten to cancel the service and others openly complain that there is no continuation, which they have been waiting for. See the reactions:

It is not the first time that fans have revolted by the company's sudden cancellations. Starting with Sense8, users complained about the decision with Anne With an E and The OA.

No one is looking presented Uli (Victor Lamoglia) is the newest Angelus in the 5511th District. Under the tutelage of veterans Greta (Julia Rabello) and Chun (Danilo de Moura), and Inspector Fred's relentless gaze (Augusto Madeira), he will learn all about the Angelus System. However, unable to accept the boss's arbitrary orders, Uli decides to help humans on his own. In a few hours, the rookie breaks all the rules. But, to his surprise, he is not punished. Is the boss really watching?


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