The Nintendo it has one of the richest histories as a company. But unfortunately, she's not so rich when it comes to preserving her memory, so much so that whoever does this work are her fans around the world. Fortunately thanks to these Nintendo fans, much of its history can still be seen by new generations. As such, a former employee of the company opened in 2015 a Café for developers at Nintendo.

Toru Hashimoto, the former employee, began collecting Nintendo items while working at the company. As big N didn't care about preserving its products that it manufactured when it started in the industry, it took it from the “trash” and took it home. In this way, you can already imagine the collection he has! And if you can't, just go to your cafe called "84“.

If you're looking for something to explain the Café's name, stop by. It's a pun on Toru's last name, since 84 is called “ha-shi” (HASHImoto), and it's also the year he joined Nintendo, 1984. Okay, if you want some connection with games, is World 8-4, the ultimate Super Mario Bros. world. People who visit it say that it is peaceful. A Pokémon developer said he likes to go to the location to play franchise cards with his son on the spot.

rare items

The place is a true geek paradise for video game fans and Nintendo alike. You can see stickers from unused cartridges, as well as personal scribbles from Hashimoto's developer friends hanging on the walls, a drawing by Mario himself. Shigeru Miyamoto, and from other franchises such as the developers of dragon quest, and stuffed animals like the Sonic.

Where does he stay?

Well, this is a big secret! To visit 84 you are required to make reservations and play a game to find it. According to Hashimoto, he's looking to open up an online subscription base for loyal customers who want the Café to remain Nintendo-themed, especially so that it stays open and grows.

What really keeps the place up, even with all the COVID problem, are the developer friends. Hashimoto said, "I can move to a new location, and when I do, I can do it without telling anyone, so people can play a new game and find 84." Let's hope he stays that way and that Hashimoto keeps not only his dream, but those of many around the world.


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