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On International Women's Day, HyperX exalts and honors the female presence in the gaming universe


For a long time, the gaming world, as in many other industries, was predominantly male. However, more and more women have conquered their space and stood out in the sector. According to a study carried out in 2019 by mediacom, 47,9% of all video game enthusiasts in Latin America are women, which reinforces the need to put aside any stereotype about the profile of gamers. The result of the study also proves that electronic games are a very democratic phenomenon, accepted in all segments and by all genres, and that it tends to become even stronger over the next generations.

The presence and performance of women in the gaming world is only increasing, so much so that in recent years there are many more girls competing, playing, consuming and seeking careers in this industry. With more and more examples of successful and competent women conquering their place in the gaming world, the HyperX enjoy the International Women's Day to recognize and extol these achievements.

To enhance the female perspective in games, game developers have shown in recent years a growing concern to understand the needs, interests and passions of women, who represent almost half of their consumers. As a result, they now have highly diversified and inclusive teams, in addition to having incorporated this culture as part of their business strategy.

At the same time, new opportunities gain strength and open space for women, such as the eSports, a phenomenon that does not stop growing and gaining fans around the world. To get an idea, in 2020, the Newzoo estimated the audience of electronic sports viewers at 495 million, showing that the possibilities in the segment are endless and go beyond opportunities for professional players.

The gaming industry also has opportunities for women, and there is an important movement of female representation in the sector, including with many reaching executive positions and leadership positions in large companies. HyperX is one of them. The brand supports and promotes diversity and inclusion in every way, welcoming all gamers regardless of their gender, nationality or sexuality. The result is reflected in a work team in which equity and equal opportunities for all prevail.

Latin women with great influence among the region's gaming communities

Among many examples of empowered women in the segment is Alessandra Brandão, eSports marketing specialist and influencers on the talented team at HyperX in Latin America. “At HyperX, we truly believe that we are all gamers, and that means we are all gamers. For us, the gaming community must be inclusive and represent everyone who has this passion”, commented Alessandra.

O Skybox Labs, a Canadian-based independent game development studio working on franchises like Halo and Minecraft, managed to take advantage of the knowledge of women with greater representation in their work team. Alina Varela, also known by the community as Allocation, is one of the examples of empowered women who work in this company. Alina fulfilled her dream of being a video game producer in a renowned studio and specialized in game streaming. Has worked on Minecraft development and Age of Empires and currently works with Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Javiera Paz, known as Caprimint, is a gamer and streamer with extensive experience with eSports teams, such as Isurus Gaming and 9z. In addition, she has hosted several events and participated in TV shows to talk about eSports. Already Nyvi Estephan, Brazilian digital influencer of eSports games, was recognized as the third best presenter in the world in 2019 by the eSports Awards in the United States.

There are also opportunities in eSports for those with a more academic background and looking to be part of the industry, such as Luciana Vainstoc, psychologist specializing in sports psychology, dedicated to the mental work of high performance athletes.

All of them are a source of inspiration for millions of girls around the world who dream of succeeding in the sector. The gaming industry is full of opportunities and possibilities, and the most rewarding thing is that it becomes increasingly inclusive.

Like HyperX, there are many other brands that join efforts to change and improve the industry, making it increasingly inclusive. THE Nintendo, for example, launched a campaign aimed exclusively at girls, while Ubisoft, through its live-action series Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, showed what a game studio is like from the inside, what place women currently occupy and what is being done to open more doors.

There is still a long way to go, but without a doubt, the gaming industry is headed in the right direction and this is a triumph for women seeking success in this segment.



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