Friday, 24, September, 2021

2A.M. offers high performance to accompany the Olympic Games

Model E550 has a desktop processor and features that increase user immersion.

With each edition, the Olympic Games attract the eyes of millions of people around the world who do not want to miss a minute of the biggest sporting event on the planet. If before it was difficult to keep up with all the modalities, with the evolution of technology and streaming, fans only need a good internet connection and an excellent notebook, like the E550, from 2A.M. Powerful and portable, the model it is The Brazilian brand's flagship provides the user with a totally immersive experience, with a desktop processor, a 15-inch IPS Full HD screen, Sound Blaster Cinema 5 and Wi-Fi AC technology.

To ensure high performance, the E550 has a 9th generation Intel Core processor, which can be six or eight cores depending on the consumer's choice. This feature, combined with a dedicated graphics card, is a great advantage for those looking for power to perform any type of activity on the machine, including multiple ones at the same time. “The E550's settings seamlessly allow the user to follow streams of their favorite sports in excellent resolution and without loss of quality while working with heavy creation and editing programs such as Photoshop, After Effects and SketchUp,” said Marcos Wendler, manager of 2A.M.

The E550 has a screen with IPS Full HD technology that has numerous advantages, such as more vivid and bright colors, less reflections, less energy consumption and the main thing for those who want to follow sports: high refresh rate. In practice, this means that the image will be much more fluid, with no small crashes, ghosting or blurring. On a 15-inch display, every game of the Olympics can be enjoyed to the full.

Another fundamental point for those who enjoy sports is the sound. Even without the support of the fans in this edition of the Olympic Games, the thrill of hearing a decisive narration or the celebration of athletes can be even greater with the right equipment, especially when the spectator is on the move. “The E550 has stereo speakers that are accompanied by sound software for audio equalization, allowing the user to configure this feature for a much more immersive experience. Wherever you are, you can feel inside the stadiums and gymnasiums of Japan”, commented Wendler.

The E550 has several auxiliary ports and can be connected with up to two screens via the video outputs (1 HDMI and 1 mini-displayport) perfect option for those who want to work and watch games on a second monitor, for example. The 47Wh battery is an ally for the user who doesn't always have an outlet close by or doesn't want to lose mobility. "To increase the autonomy time and enjoy the games even more, one suggestion is to change the consumption mode so that it suits the use at that time," said the manager of 2A.M.

In terms of connectivity, the E550 notebook also has Wi-Fi AC technology, which guarantees high speed connection with the available Wi-Fi. “This system has the same speed as an ethernet connection, for example. With a good router and internet plan, users will watch the Olympics on their computer as if they were watching it on TV”, concluded Marcos.

To know all 2A.M. notebook models, visit the official website of brand .

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