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Razer Kishi V2's new controls 'transform' mobiles on Switch

With console-like controls, expandable framework for maximum compatibility, free Razer Nexus app built in, and more, Kishi 2 improves on Razer's award-winning mobile gaming controller.

The Razer, a lifestyle brand for gamers, just launched the controller for mobile games Razer Kishi V2, which is already available in the United States and Europe in its version for Android and, by the end of the year, it will also be sold as an option for iPhone.

The announcement marks the start of the second generation of Razer's award-winning device, which has been enhanced with features equivalent to those found in console controllers and delivers an advanced gameplay experience right on smartphones. With the massive growth of cloud-based gaming and streaming on mobile platforms, the future of handheld gaming is more exciting than ever, and Razer aims to provide gamers with the most practical solutions to play any game with maximum performance and no compromises. quality.

Highest level updates

Novos controles da Razer Kishi V2 'transformam' mobiles em Switch 1

The Kishi V2's enhancements build on Razer's 16+ years of experience in PC and console products, again brought to handheld gamers. Inspired by the award-winning Wolverine V2, the Kishi V2 features the same high-quality connectors as the console controller and adds tactile features with microswitches that position the product as the most advanced portable hardware in the industry.

Other updates to the new device include a “share” button, which allows gamers to quickly capture the perfect photo or record video clips to share with followers and friends, dual multi-function buttons, and the ability to open the Razer Nexus app with a simple click. All of these improvements make Kishi V2 a product optimized for maximum performance in games, including the latest streaming AAA titles and mobile releases.

“The first Razer Kishi opened the door to a new category of console-quality controllers in the mobile gaming market. Now, we're thrilled that the Kishi V2 is pushing this experience forward in every way possible," said Razer Head of Mobile and Console Division Richard Hashim. “With cutting-edge technology, Kishi V2 users can enjoy the same look and feel of their favorite console and PC games wherever they are, without compromise.”

The structure of the Kishi V2 is designed with an expandable stem that offers greater stability to the user and makes the device compatible with all smartphones. Ergonomic, it provides a comfortable grip for gamers in a highly portable format that favors accessibility and a better user experience. Furthermore, the Kishi V2 is designed for maximum compatibility and will continue to work with upcoming Samsung and Google Pixel handsets, which will be released this year.

“I have been creating mobile gaming content for nearly a decade and I can confidently say that the Kishi V2 is the best mobile gaming controller I have ever used,” said Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney, CEO and Founder of Tribe Gaming.

Prepared to offer excellent gameplay with low latency, just like its predecessor, Kishi V2 delivers native or cloud game controls via a USB-C connection and pass-through charging ports that allow device charging without interfering with games. .

Razer Nexus free app

Powered by the new built-in Razer Nexus app, the Kishi V2 is built for maximum versatility and customization. At the press of a button, the app launches instantly, providing quick access to installed games, instant YouTube or Facebook streaming features, supported games, and controller settings.

About Razer Kishi V2 for Android


  • Two clickable analog thumbsticks
  • A mechanical D-pad
  • four face buttons
  • Two triggers (L2/R2)
  • Two bumpers (L1/R1)
  • Two multifunctional buttons (M1/M2)
  • Menu and options buttons
  • Share Button (Requires Razer Nexus)
  • Razer Nexus app launch button
  • Status indicator light (charging)

● Dimensions: Height: 4.7 cm, Width: 2.20 cm, Depth: 1.17 cm

● Weight: 284g

● Connectivity: USB Type-C

● Smartphone charging: USB Type-C

● Mobile app: Razer Nexus, replacing the old Razer Kishi app

● Product requirements: Android™ 9.0 Pie or higher.

● Compatible with: Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / S9 / S9+ / S10 / S10+ / S20 Series / S21 Series / Note 8 / Note 9 / Note 10 / Note 10+, Google Pixel 2 / 3 / 4/5/6, and many other Android devices.

Suggested price and availability in Brazil

  • R$1,250.00
  • September 2022

For more information about Kishi V2, click on here.

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