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Nightmare Alley | See the main differences between the feature and the 1946 classic that inspired the adaptation

Oscar nominated, The Nightmare Alley is a remarkable long Guillermo del Toro that, like his original work The Alley of Lost Illusions, reveals the layers of human beings and their most extreme attitudes.

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Both works represent greed, revolve around the creation of Geeks (Savage, in Portuguese) and the very choices that lead to a path of no return. However, some differences are notable between the original plot and the adaptation, see the main ones in the list below:

**Warning, contains spoilers for the following works**

The real reason for Pete's murder

Unlike the movie, where he wants to get Pete's knowledge, Stan is in love with Zeena in the book and they have an affair with her, but she doesn't take it too seriously because of her affection and preference for her husband.

Driven by the grudge of always being traded, when he has the opportunity, he offers the methanol that Zeena used to burn the cards in her show along with the drink to - as he says to himself -, make Pete sleep longer and power stay with Zeena quietly. But it ends up killing the man.

Stan takes over the act along with Zeena after Pete's death and they stay together openly, until he leaves with Molly.

Come back

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