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Moon Knight succeeds in intimately introducing the character in his debut

Moon Knight debuts on Disney+, with a great introduction to one of Marvel's darkest characters.

O Moon Knight arrived today (30) at Disney +. The series starring Oscar Isaac is based on the comics Marvel of the same name. The character is not one of the best known to the general public, but those who have been following the adventures published by House of Ideas, know the Knight well.

The first episode released by Disney+ is a presentation of the hero, or rather, Steven “with V”. Right from the start it is already clear that Steven has some memory problem, because he cannot remember some events and little by little he discovers something very strange about himself.

Without spoiling the episode and even the comics so as not to spoil the surprise and immersion of the spectator, the moon knight starts very well. The series is well orchestrated, with an unparalleled performance by Oscar Isaac, which is completely different from anything that has been seen of the actor.

In addition, the series also has the presence of Ethan Hawke, who has a small but well-presented cameo, having excellent on-screen chemistry with Oscar.

In the story part, the episode is well diluted, mixing parts of action, mystery and well-dosed comedy, not falling into the bluster that Marvel adventures often bring. One of the highlights is the actor's voice F. Murray Abraham, who is the Oscar winner for amadeus, which serves as a link to the events of the next episodes and also to the mystery of the Moon Knight.

As for the hero's look, it's what was already shown in the trailers, but now with the transformation effects, they're much more sinister, reminiscent of a mummy's bandanas. The special effects for some characters are also very well done, as well as all the atmosphere that mixes the dark with the light, which was already expected by the fans of the character.

For those who already follow the Moon Knight and all the mysticism of Egypt since the comics, will have a pleasant adventure ahead. And for those who have never heard of it and will only watch it because it is another adventure of the Marvel Studios, you will be able to check it out without any problem, because as always, the script team did a great job adapting a character for everyone and not just drinking from references.

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