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The Choir: Success, Here I Go | Disney+ announces music series directed by Miguel Falabella


Disney + has just announced that production of The Chorus: Success, Here I Come, a new Brazilian musical series created and directed by Miguel Falabella, which arrives on the platform in 2022. The plot tells the story of a group of young adults, from different backgrounds, who see in the announcement of a casting test for a theater company the chance to resume the pursuit of their sleeping dreams and make a career in the theater. Approved in a first screening, aspiring singer-actors live a mix of feelings such as fascination with the world of theater, the discovery of new loves, hauntings of the past and the fear of failure, as they do not know if they will be hired at the end of the auditions. .​

In addition to having an original soundtrack, the series features Brazilian songs ranging from classics by Pixinguinha to rock by Raul Seixas, revisiting songs from MPB Festivals, Jovem Guarda, Rita Lee, Chico Buarque and many others. The production is also a tribute to all the artists who keep the flame of passion for the stage and Brazilian culture burning.​

With a plot that addresses the importance of pursuing dreams and personal expression through art, the series has ten 45-minute episodes and takes place in São Paulo. The Chorus: Success, Here I Come is Disney+ Original Productions content produced by Format Productions and Content and Nonstop.

They are in the cast: Miguel Falabella (“Renate”), Sara Sarres (“Marita”), Karin Hils (“Marion”), Lucas Wickhaus (“George”), Daniel Rangel (“Leandro”), Mica Diaz (“Alícia”), Gabriel Hipólito (“Reginaldo”), Graciely Junqueira (“Ivone”), Carolina Amaral ("Antonia"), Rhener Freitas (“Mauritius”), Gabriella DiGrecco ("Daughter in law"), Bruno Boer (“Sissy”), William Magon (“Arthur”) and Great Bandarz (“Fernando”), among other big names. The general direction is Miguel Falabella and Cininha de Paula (“Snakes and Lizards”, “Sai de Baixo”, “Sítio do Picapau Amarelo”, “You Decide”, “Gente Inocente”). The script has Miguel Falabella and Rosana Hermann (“Sai de Baixo”, “Caça Talentos”, “Programa Xuxa”, “Domingão do Faustão”, “Programa do Porchat”).

The Chorus: Success, Here I Come is part of the wide range of new Disney+ productions fully developed in the region, in line with The Walt Disney Company Latin America's commitment to produce locally relevant content for the service. streaming in partnership with producers in the region and bringing together recognized talents.



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