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An exciting work, full of historical facts.

Review | Anne Frank's diary

"I hope I can trust you completely, as I have never trusted anyone until today, and I hope you will be a great support and a great comfort to me."

June 12, 1942.

Anne Frank won his diary on his 13th birthday, on June 12, 1942. And he affectionately called it Kitty.

Daughter of Otto Frank (Anne affectionately called him Pim) which had a company selling spices and Edith Frank who was a housewife, and had a sister, Margot Frank who was polite, very intelligent, a lady and very good with numbers.

At first, everyday things of a simple teenager were recorded. Only the days passed and the Frank family received a news that their sister Margot would have to report to do service for the German army.

The Frank family was already prepared for something like that, so they decided to go to the hideout, which was already being organized, baptized by Anne as Secret Annex. This hiding place was in his father's office building in the center of Amsterdam.

Frank had a partner, the Mr. Van Daan (Hermann van Pels) who was a butcher, addicted to tobacco and who constantly fought with his wife Mrs. Van Daan (Aguste van Pels) that this one involved a lot, not only with Anne, but with everyone in the Annex, dramatic, and was always criticizing the way Anne and Margot were created. They had a son, Peter (Peter van Pels) that at first he was a boy who always slept and stayed in his. But then I come to be very important to Anne's life. They joined the Frank family in hiding.

After a while in the Secret Annex, they decided they had room for one more. They chose a dentist, Albert Dussel (Fritz Pfeffer) who apparently was worthy of help, but then opened his wings and proved to be petty and selfish.

These were the eight people who lived in the Secret Annex. Anne portrayed in their diary their daily lives, as the constant confusions that Mrs. Van Daan made and her flirtations were not discreet and much less responded by Mr. Frank and Dussel. How was his relationship with his father, that to him he was everything, since he had a very tense relationship with his mother, even saying that he did not feel the love of a daughter and that he had his ups and downs. Some passages made me angry, some very childish and strong comments, but which she later recanted, saying that she was very unfair and immature.

His relationship with his sister who also had its ups and downs. And Peter, a little passion or a very strong friendship. He told me about birthdays, anniversaries, what he was studying and how. Anyway, everything she said, and when I say everything is like EVERYTHING. Some unnecessary things, but that made me laugh a little at a book with a very heavy subject.

And what interested me the most: the historical facts.

Do you want to know more about the 2nd War without textbooks? That can be on your list. Not only does it show step by step what happened in the War in the period from 1942 to 1944, but also things that the population experienced found it, their hopes, afflictions, how they got help, how they bought food. I am not just saying about the people in the Annex, but about the general population. It is very good to have a personal touch in historical passages.

I think it is nothing new for anyone that unfortunately these people did not have a happy ending. Anne last wrote in her diary on 1 August 1994. E It was on 4 August that they were found, arrested and sent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz. After they were separated, Edith Frank literally died of hunger, before going to Bergen-Belsen, where Margot, who was already seriously ill, died. And Anne also died of a typhus epidemic in the camp.

Otto Frank survived Auschwitz, he was the only survivor of the Annex. After being released he discovered that Edith was unable to survive, but he had hope for his daughters, who unfortunately weeks later discovered that they were also unable to.

The Diary was rescued by Miep Gies who helped them with food, books, news and everything they needed. Who gave the diary to Otto. That soon after decided to publish. Since one of Anne's many postwar desires, besides breathing fresh air, going back to school, having friends, going out and having fun as a normal teenager, she was to be a great Journalist and Writer and wished that one day her writings would make the difference.


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