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The Suicide Squad | Curiosities about the film's production

Check out 10 fun facts about the production of O Equadrão Suicida

The Suicide Squad, new film by the director James Gunn, is already playing in movie theaters all over Brazil.

In the film, with an unpublished screenplay also by James Gunn, the group of supervillains that make up Task Force X faces several dangers to save the world. A suicide mission that only the most insane inmates of Belle Reve would be able to accept. Discover ten facts and trivia about the backstage of the new feature. 

1. The secrecy of the film was so important to the filmmakers that no cell phones were allowed on set during production.

2.  John Cena, who interprets the Peacemaker, used his free time on set to learn to play the piano.

3.  Joel Kinnaman gained more than 9 kg of muscle for his role as Colonel Rick Flag.

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4.  Idris Elba, who interprets the Bloodthirsty, has a real fear of rats - a fear that he had to face thanks to the character's true "scene colleagues" Mouse slayer 2.

5.  The Suicide Squad is the first American role of the Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior, who plays Rat Cat 2.

6. Director James Gunn has always given the cast freedom in terms of improvisation. John Cena (Peacemaker) was the one who invented the boldest lines.

7. Some songs that James Gunn had in mind for certain scenes were actually played during filming, so the actors could feel the mood he was looking for and the camera operators could move the cameras in sync with the music.

8. So much Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), and John Cena (Peacemaker), took time out of filming to meet members and participants of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and local fans with special needs.

9. During the filming of The Suicide Squad, the filmmakers had fun making several lights blink in Morse Code: As in the scene inside the Thinker character's laboratory, an indicator light is blinking (2-1960), February 1960; this date marks Starro's first appearance in a comic book, Brave and the Bold #28.

10. Much of James Gunn's inspiration for this new film came from the 1980s version of the legendary comic book writer John Ostrander of the Suicide Squad. The most attentive fans will see your cameo in the film.

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