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Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

Another masterpiece of Martin Scorsese, the wolf of Wall Street is an adaptation of the memoir of Jordan Belfort.

With or without Oscar nomination, the wolf of Wall Street it's one of those movies that everyone is sure will be good. Starting with the fact that it is directed by Scorsese, in a theme that the director has already mastered, as proof we have his predecessor masterpieces the good companions (1990) and Casino (1995), feature films that, inevitably, the wolf of Wall Street generated a certain comparison.

The plot is focused on Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and the path he took to become a Wall Street millionaire, together with his partner, Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill). Jordan is a former stockbroker who made a fortune by cheating investors in the 1990s with his corrupt “company” full of corrupt brokers.

While we see how Jordan managed to grow in life - and consequently destroy himself along the way, with lots of drugs and bingeing - we see the people who influenced his life. Like for example Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey), Jordan's manager at the time he was still a stockbroker who gave all the tips on how to grow in this world, and consequently become a great scoundrel. Matthew McConaughey deserves a highlight in this role, which even short was very well represented, Matthew managed to give an expression of madness and wonderful greed to the character.

It doesn't take long for Jordan to meet his future partner and decide with him to head into this world and start his own business. Jonah Hill delivers a good performance, showing that he is doing well in a role that goes out of his comfort zone so much, even without being very prominent.

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street | Image: Paris Films

The point about The Wolf of Wall Street is that Martin Scorsese and the screenwriter Terence Winter they weren't afraid to dare. The production has a lot of nudism (female) and drug use, a lot of drug use EVEN. This brings a love-hate reaction, or the viewer either loves this daring script, or hates the exposure of controversial subjects. Regardless of personal opinion, the scenes manage to represent and the emptiness of the characters, where nothing else in life matters, just having money and toasting with trifles.

The duo also hit on the comedy dose, the script manages to amuse, even with all the controversy used in it. Terence Winter didn't make the slightest point of representing Jordan as a criminal, quite the contrary, the character is one of those that makes you an “accomplice”, making nothing he does seem really very serious.

The Wolf of Wall Street | Image: Paris Films

The Wolf of Wall Street | Image: Paris Films






Much of this sympathy is in charge of Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor did a wonderful job in this role, which becomes charismatic. The futility that DiCaprio manages to represent, along with scenes of despair, motivation or paralysis, only reinforces his great talent.

the wolf of Wall Street is a very good film, which is not afraid to put its finger on the wound and openly show the lives of magnates concerned only with filling their pockets more and more. It is extensive, with about 3 hours of duration, so it takes courage, however, the public will hardly regret checking this work.

View the data sheet and full cast of The Wolf of Wall Street 

Thunder Wave note
With great performances and representing the futility of the characters very well, the film is another hit by Martin Scorsese


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