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The Dragon Prince: The Series Every Nerd Should Watch


Recently, the third season of The Dragon Prince arrived on Netflix, and after watching it I noticed that in debates, events of the genre and forums about nerds there was a minimum amount of people who follow the series. I honestly don't understand why, since animation has several elements to captivate viewers, so I felt obliged to say why every nerd should watch the series, at least give it a chance.

The series tells the story of Xadia, a magical land that lives in the midst of tension between humans and other creatures such as elves, dragons and so on.

The animation is done digitally and three-dimensionally. A reduced amount of frames per second was applied in the first season in order to remove the “floating” perception of the animation in three dimensions; the audiovisual cadence was adjusted in the second season. The backdrops are made by a combination of 3D modeling and hand-painted.

It is essential that every RPG fan watch it, as there are several elements related to this modality, such as the races presented, one of the main races are the elves, and in the series we have a diversity, such as moon elves, a species of Rayla, a of the protagonists, who have light skin and white hair, on the other hand there are the sun elves, who have darker skin. In addition Xadia has a huge local fauna with several species that are shown throughout the series.

Fans of magic will also love to see the way this is portrayed in the series, which utilizes the concept of magic being conjured from elements of nature.

Speaking of natural elements, it is worth remembering that one of the writers of the series is Aaron Ehasz, who was the scriptwriter of one of the greatest animations ever made in history: Avatar, the legend of Aang, from there you can have a base of how magnificent the dragon prince mythology.

Just like Avatar, the dragon prince also raises flags of diversity, which involves sexual orientations, different ethnicities represented and even has a female general who communicates through sign languages.

The Dragon Prince follows an interesting pace with a lot of adventure, action and a hint of humor, and raises several real-life questions through fantasy, the series is in its 3rd season, and it's a series of the genre like I haven't seen in a while, it's worth worth a first chance.



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