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The Project | Thriller book is inspired by real cases of victims of religious cults

How far does love between sisters go? What would one be able to do to save the other's life? For Bea Denham, there are no limits when her younger sister Lo's safety is at risk. Is this brotherhood bond pictured in the launch The project, written by the best seller Courtney Summers, author of the award-winning work sadie. Published in Brazil by Platform 21, the new book by the Canadian writer tells the story of Bea: the character loses her parents in a serious car accident and finds Lo in a coma.

Award Finalist International Thriller Writers 2022, in the category Best Young Adult Novel (Best Novel for Young Adults)the work is inspired by the Jonestown case, an American religious cult that, under the leadership of Jim Jones, led to the death of more than 40 followers. In the plot, the connection with the real story takes place when Bea looks to Lev Warren, the charismatic spiritual leader of Project Unity, for a miracle to heal her younger sister.

Lev promises to save the hospitalized girl, but in return, Bea must faithfully follow him and abandon her current life. When Lo recovers and wakes up in the hospital, her parents are dead, and the only family she has left has left her to join the religious sect. The more the character investigates the case, the more she becomes convinced that the much-respected spiritual and philanthropic organization frequented by her sister hides wicked secrets.

Through a tense narrative, with passages between the present and the past, from two points of view, Courtney Summers makes readers reflect on the dangers of believing in false religious leaders, especially those who present self-help groups and promise salvation in exchange for faithfulness. .


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