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What can we expect from CCXP 2019?

On December 05, 06, 07 and 08, São Paulo will host the largest geek fair in Brazil. They are looking forward to going to Comic Com Experience 2019? Who isn't, isn't it? After all, we look forward to this wonderful event all year long.

Have you checked the event's official website? If not, we will tell you what we expect from these four days of pure fun.


There's no shortage of things to do at CCXP! If you are interested in comics, in the middle of the fair is the ideal place for you. There we find the most talented and famous comic artists and designers, not only from Brazil, but from the world. And the best? They are available to chat, take cute pictures, sell original products and autograph your forehead if you ask.

O que podemos esperar da CCXP 2019? 1

2018 CCXP / Google Images

Besides comics, it will have attractions for those who like games and if your vibe is COSPLAY, that the event is very famous for being the home of the biggest cosplays from the country. They circulate throughout the event which makes it possible to take a photo with your favorite character and not only that, there is even competition to see who is the best. Cool huh?!

It also has space for those who like the Youtube, where it is exclusive to creators and has live streaming at all times. Take the opportunity to get to know your youtuber favorite.


If in the previous year you freaked out just to imagine that you would be seeing the cast of Stranger Things. Prepare the heart, which has been confirmed the cast of La Casa de Papel (Netflix), Ryan Reynolds (Squad 6), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Patty Jenkins (Director), Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey), Fefê Torquato (Comic), Michael Bay (director), Owen Dennis (showrunner and screenwriter), Kes Von Punch (Cosplay), Cathy Yan (Director) and a lot of people you've always dreamed of meeting. Loved it!

O que podemos esperar da CCXP 2019? 2

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Patty Jenkins (Director) on the set / Warner Bros - DC


It's time to take the snake out of your pocket and throw yourself at the news and products that we don't normally find here in Brazil. There's always something that catches the eye, especially when you're a real fan. So, remember that the best day for shopping is on Thursday, as the event is not yet so full and you can look more calmly. Take a backpack because you will probably come back with it full of amazing things.

Remember that this year, Batman turned 80 years old. It may be that you have a stand or a shop with special products for you, a fan, to splurge and take everything to your home. You have the possibility of having some exposure to remember each stage that the character has had throughout his story. Make the most of every minute at the event and comment here, what you expect from this year's CCXP.


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