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The Robbery of the Century | Bank robbery plan gets prominence in final movie trailer

Feature film based on real events is scheduled to premiere on March 26


Starring Guillermo Francella (in The Secret of Your Eyes) and Diego Peretti (in The German Doctor), the Argentine feature The Robbery of the Century had its final trailer released. With distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures and launching in Brazilian cinemas scheduled for March 26, production based on real events has already taken more than 2 million viewers to cinemas in Argentina.

Directed by Ariel Winograd (in Without children), The Robbery of the Century brings the story of a group of unprecedented criminal thieves who carried out one of the most famous bank robberies in Argentine history in 2006. Filmed in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires and in the province of San Juan, the film also gathers in the cast Luis Luque, Pablo Rago, Rafael Ferro and Mariano Argento.

The final trailer reveals the unexpected partnership between Fernando Araújo (Diego Peretti), the main mentor of the theft, and Mario (Guillermo Francella), who will help you in the execution of the plan. In the video, the duo structures the crime step by step and brings together allies. The police pursue the group and approach it at different times.

Watch in the player above.


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