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The Silence of the White City | 10 differences between film and book

Unlike the film, which is hurried and not surprising, the book is breathtaking

Part of a trilogy with over 1 million books sold, The Silence of the White City unites mythology, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology in a gruesome and exciting thriller published by IntrinsicThe book already has a recently launched adaptation available in the catalog of Netflix. O best seller manages to hook the reader from beginning to end of reading. It is rich in detail and very consistent in each chapter. Despite this, the film is a lame adaptation and sins when telling the story in a hurried and inconsistent way that are very important to understand the plot.

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See 10 of the differences in the list below. Be careful, it contains spoilers to follow.

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1. The modified Estibaliz

Unlike the construction of the feature, the characters have more depth in the book. Stibaliz she is short and has red hair up to her chin and often has hair stuck in a ponytail. Remembering that, when she is nervous she undoes and ponytails and walks from side to side. She does not speak bad words and realizes that there is an involvement between Deputy Alba and her partner and inspector Unai. In the film, it suggests that she likes Unai, but in the book we realize that they are almost like brothers. Another very interesting thing, in the book she is engaged and in the film she is single. 

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