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Silence in the White City | Discover the book that gave rise to the Netflix movie

First book in a trilogy with over 1 million copies sold, The silence of the white city, thriller spanish from Eva G. Saenz Urturi, served as inspiration for the eponymous film, which opens this Friday, March 6, at Netflix. Intrinsic launches the book in Brazil in May.

The plot takes place two decades after a series of strange murders devastate the city of Vitoria, in the Basque Country, the bizarre crimes happen again when Tasio Ortiz de Zárate, a former local celebrity and the man arrested for the deaths, is about to leave the city. jail. Couples begin to appear dead in historic sites in the city, and criminal profiler Unai López de Ayala, who twenty years earlier was just a young man obsessed with the mysterious murders, is called upon to lead the case. All victims are aged five and over, original surnames from the region and their bodies are exposed without clothes in public spaces. Although Unai has to deal with a personal tragedy, he is determined to prevent further murders from happening, even though his unusual methods displease both authorities and his superiors.

Success in Spain, The silence of the white city unites mythology, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology in one thriller macabre and exciting.


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