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Review: The System

In a time when recycling has been used a lot in the cinema, from time to time a pleasant surprise appears and a very original plot appears. The system (The East) is one such case.

At first, the basic synopsis of the feature is not at all flashy. She only informs that the film narrates the search for an FBI agent to a fascist organization, to overthrow her she infiltrates the organization and ends up falling in love with the leader. However, the plot is much more complex than that. 

To begin with, it is not for the boss itself that the agent Sarah (Brit Marling) if in love, in reality she is conquered by the ideals of that organization and the case with the boss is only a consequence. The East is an organization that fights against system abuse. Formed by people who felt the consequences of companies that do not mind harming the population or the environment in order to earn their profits, they make a huge criticism of the current situation in the world.

And to reach the public and make their message clear, they are really extremists in the way they live. Totally naturalists, they protest against all forms of abuse and waste, even eating only the foods that restaurants and markets throw away when new merchandise arrives, to prove they were in good condition and to point out the absurd way that companies work, so many people needing food and throw it away just to free up space.

There are also heavier arguments, such as Doc (Toby Kebbell), a former doctor who suffers to this day for taking a medicine that affects the brain, because of the drug, ended up losing the firmness of his hand and can no longer practice medicine. Other people died from this drug, so the organization decided to expose how harmful the drug is by "poisoning" the owners of the pharmaceutical company responsible for it during a party. That is the objective of the organization, to attack companies in exactly the same way that they attacked the population.

O Sistema
The System | Image: Fox Searchlight

The film raises a great controversy and opens society's eyes to what is happening right under our nose. It goes so far as to make you want to stand up and fight for a little justice in the world. This wonderful plot suffers from low marketing, being sold as something much more mediocre, when in reality it has an original, interesting and very well constructed script. All of this is set in a great atmosphere of suspense, which manages to keep the public's interest until the final outcome.

Brit Marling
Brit Marling on The System | Image: Fox Searchlight

This great story would not have the impact it had without good performances and this team leaves nothing to be desired. Brit Marling has been showing a great revelation in recent years. A rising star, his name is already recognized in his most recent works. Her performance was wonderful and now she decided to show that she also has talent as a screenwriter and rocked as a co-writer alongside Zal Batmanglij. Brit deserves many credits and praise for the work on this wonderful script, complemented by her perfect performance.

Ellen Page e Alexander Skarsgård
Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård in The System | Image: Fox Searchlight

Of the cast, the best known as Alexander Skarsgård (the head of the organization, Benji), which became well known for its role in True Blood and Ellen Page, well known for its role in Juno. Those who enjoy and watch British television will also recognize Toby Kebbell, whose most recent role was in The Escape Artist, next to the divine David Tennant.


The system it is an incredible social criticism, which covers much more than the themes existing in other productions. Opening eyes to problems that most people are not even aware of, it is a work that deserved much more prominence and dissemination.

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Thunder Wave note
With an incredible critique of society, set in a climate of suspense, O Sistema is a wonderful film.


  1. I thought the film was amazing, the idea of organization and the concepts they fight make you want to get off the couch and think about what's going on with the world, and no one is paying attention. Certainly, after this film I will stop to think and realize how sometimes we are selfish, and that we can change the world !!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am really happy to see that the film managed to have this effect in more people, I hope that it will be able to spread even more this proposed ideal.

  3. I thought the film was amazing, the idea of organization and the concepts they fight make you want to get off the couch and think about what's going on with the world, and no one is paying attention. Certainly, after this film I will stop to think and realize how sometimes we are selfish, and that we can change the world !!!

  4. Great review. I just watched the movie and I was forced to look in the “father of all” if I would find people sharing the same opinion. Good to know that yes!
    Real-life hackers.

    • Thanks for the compliment! I am very happy when I receive a comment from people who sympathized with the film, it shows that the work of the work was satisfactory in exposing the idea. I loved knowing that you share the same opinion! 😀

  5. One thing that catches my attention is that everyone has choices, example ... when we drink in the famous cans, when we buy some salty in a cafeteria, bar and so on ... when it is time to throw the garbage in the trash, throw it in the on the street, when it rains or windy we know where this garbage goes, after floods arise, it is easy to blame only the authorities for the matter, but is society as a whole not to blame for that?

    • Fabricio, I share your opinion. Society is more at fault than any authority, but I think it is easier to transfer that guilt to them. If everyone did a little to change, the world would be much better.

  6. I discovered this movie by accident and Wowww, you know those pleasant surprises? good surprise, very good, Brit Marling is undoubtedly a rising star, I saw "Another Earth", another film with her and is just as great as this one.


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