The O2 Play, distributor of O2 Movies, launches this month its new website. The platform offers the exclusive functionality of self-distribution where directors and producers can send webseries, series and movies directly to the biggest players in the market for evaluation.

“We are offering a direct bridge for producers, distributors, film students, to put their content on different types of platforms such as Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, not only in Brazil but all over the world”, explains Igor Kupstas, director of O2 Play.

Felipe Reis, series creator Full Steam!, managed, through the self-publishing of the distributor O2 Play, to launch the production to more than seventy countries in both English and Spanish languages. “O2 Play made us the proposal. The result was a fabulous launch, with media coverage and articles in Estadão and Rolling Stone Magazine. We want this partnership with O2 Play to last and result in many other fruits”, he comments.

Full Steam! is a creation of Cine Kings Produções, by Felipe Reis, and the Brasiliana Steampunk franchise by Enéias Tavares, which recreates the classic characters of Brazilian literature. The eight-episode series was produced, with limited resources, independently, with bold costumes, historic settings, incredible special effects and an original soundtrack.

O2 Play lança novo site com ferramenta de exclusiva auto-distribuição para produtores e diretores 1
Scene from the series A Topo Vapor! / Disclosure

Catalog and webinar

In addition to the novelty, which promises to bring producers and exhibitors together with just a few clicks, at the new address, it is possible to learn more about the work of O2 Play, the sales agent service (with access to the Brazilian and international catalog) and the launches already available on market. The distributor delivers and licenses content directly to streaming platforms of different styles around the world. From TVOD (rental), SVOD (subscription) to AVOD (advertising) and FVOD (free). Another highlight, which directly helps professionals in the audiovisual sector, is the Webinar on Digital Distribution, held in 2020 by O2 Play and which is available on the website.

O2 Play has specialized in multiplatform releases, accounting for more than 40 films in theaters and directly connected with the main platforms in the market. Recently released the documentary Whining: Winged Marginal, directed by Felipe Novaes, a phenomenon on rental platforms and the most watched movie in Brazil on its opening weekend.


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