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Free Workshop Analyzes the Ted Lasso Series

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Likes series and especially ted lasso? And add to that a free creative writing workshop using the Nonviolent Communication (CNV)? Well, registration for the workshop that will analyze the Ted Lasso series is now open.

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The idea is to show how anyone who likes writing or just watching the series can do this through causes. Ted Lasso is a differentiated series that shows the daily lives of people who work with pressure, others who do everything so that nothing works, in addition to other subjects such as toxicities.

Oficina gratuita Analisa a Série Ted Lasso 1

In this workshop, in the form of a chat, our columnist Alan Uemura, will analyze with those present each character, objectives and criticisms that the series has. In this way, journalists, critics in general, even of games, will be able to observe what is behind the stories that are told.

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These stories are beyond what the eye can see, as it is impactful for every individual, and that is the reason why there is diversity in entertainment. Join this free workshop so you can write your own story and we can talk about: where do ideas come from?

Analyzing the Ted Lasso series

Workshop: Free


Day: October 8th, from 8pm to 10pm

Audience: Professionals from all areas, as the workshop will cover everything from writing to different professional environments.

Age: 18 years onwards

Who does: Alan Uemura has been a journalist for over 25 years. He has worked in important events and research such as the International Humor Biennial: Without Aids with Love, with Astronaut Marcos Pontes, he has taught to students using entertainment, in the creation of national and international events. He currently writes for Thunder Wave and is a columnist for the Games Observatory (UOL).

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King of the titans and the great god of time! Like the Titan, Alan Uemura devours everything related to the nerdy universe anywhere in time and space! Allons-Y !!!

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