After being canceled by Netflix in its third season and revolting the fans, One Day at a Time will have a fourth season, rescued by Pop TV.

According to the Deadline, after three months of trading, CBS has managed to buy the rights to the series, which will pass on its smaller channel, Pop TV. The fourth season will feature 13 episodes and airs in 2020.

Based on Um Dia de Cada Vez, which tells the story of a recently divorced woman who takes care of the two young children with her mother’s help, One Day at a Time is a new adaptation, where the protagonist family is of Cuban origin, and the The gender of one of the daughters was also changed.

Rita Moreno (Love, Sublime Love), Justina Machado (Queen of the South), Isabella Gomez (Matador), Todd Grinnell (Grace and Frankie) and Rookie Marcel Ruiz form the cast of One Day at a Time.

The three seasons of One Day at a Time are available on Netflix.


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