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ONU holds #CadaUmDe Somos online festival and brings together big names in music

Event takes place on the 15th and 16th of July at 8 pm.


In order to raise awareness among young people about the importance of maintaining preventive measures against COVID-19, a United Nations (UN) promotes on July 15th and 16th at 8 pm the online music festival #CEveryOneOfUs. There will be 13 Brazilian music singers united in favor of a single message: 'Each Um de Nós can make a difference'. 

In the format of live, the event is part of the Verified project, UN global initiative to combat misinformation in the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival has music production from Nigro Entertainment and support from TikTok in transmission and dissemination. 

In honor of the festivals that are suspended due to the pandemic and in an unprecedented format, #CEveryOneOfUs will mix different musical styles in one live under the command of Giovanna Rispoli, Bruno De Luca and fiuk on the 15th and of Thelminha and André Vasco on the 16th.

In order to avoid crowding backstage, the singers' performances will be pre-recorded and shown during the live broadcast on the channels @UNBrasil at the TikTok and in YouTube. The festival will have interaction with the public and testimonials from singers, artists and celebrities, such as Adriana Esteves, Vladimir Brichta, Denilson, Rubinho Barrichello, Caio Ribeiro, Maurren Maggi and Lucão, among others. 

At the line up there are important names in the Brazilian music scene who have engaged in the cause and understood that individual actions added to the union of all for a purpose make a difference: Charlie Brown, Victor Kley, Larissa Manoela, Fiuk, Luiza Possi, melin, Black Li, João Guilherme, kell smith, GragQueen, Mariana Rios, Alfonso Nigro and Paulo Miklos.

The director of the United Nations Information Center for Brazil (UNIC Rio), Kimberly Mann, recalls that solidarity is essential for the world to overcome the challenges of the pandemic. “We need to take care of each other and each one of us needs to do our part to reduce the transmission of the virus and beat COVID-19. It's possible. The festival's message is one of hope and unity”, he emphasized.   

The Verified project is coordinated in Brazil by UNIC Rio and has the collaboration of Purpose, one of the largest social mobilization organizations in the world. It is a global UN initiative that aims to combat the misinformation infodemic in the midst of the pandemic, sharing reliable, accurate and life-saving information. The Verified website features a gallery of verified information transmitted by the United Nations. Access: 

Among the actions already developed in Brazil by the Verified since 2020 are: projection in honor of victims in Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro; exposure with the Monica's Gang; creation of exclusive music with over 17 comic strip singers cartoon Network, campaigns and lives with TikTok; graffiti mural with the artist Tito Ferrara; webseries with Magnifying Glass Agency and Gloob; video about vaccine with breaking the taboo, in addition to actions with influencers, celebrities and football teams


  • Name: Festival #CadaUmDe Nós
  • Date and time: July 15th and 16th at 8 pm
  • Location: UN Brazil channels on TikTok and YouTube 



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