Espionage works always resemble great missions, strong protagonists and various intrigues. Operation Red Sparrow (Red Sparrow) has some of these elements, but escapes the well-known vision of spy films.

Adapted from the book Russian roulette, in Jason Matthews, the plot chooses a different path, where the protagonist Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence) is no longer introduced as a spy, but neither does it focus on showing its training for that. In a very simple way, the script presents the facts that led the character to accept working for the government of Russia, while making clear her main personal motivation and showing very little of everything she needed to learn in order to face the missions.

Putting the United States and Russia back in a power game, Operation Red Sparrow presents a direct battle between the two intelligence services of the countries. In the middle of this fight, is Dominika and the agent Nate (Joel Edgerton). Between moments and missions, the plot develops by investing in intrigues and twists, which consist in always leaving a doubt about the true objective of the protagonist.

Operação Red Sparrow
Dominika and Nate | Image: Fox Fims

Regarding the battle of minds, the film is very satisfying. Leaving loose ends that will tie in future moments and justifying the actions of the characters, the work really looks like a Russian Roulette and delivers an interesting game of intelligence. However, unlike what the audience is used to seeing, there is not much action in the film. With the focus on the antics of the characters, the rhythm is very monotonous and, save only a few scenes with more violence, it is visually very still. It is not a big problem, but it can damage the experience for some viewers.

Jennifer Lawrence delivers a great performance. The actress has already shown her potential in films such as Mother!, but here it shows a totally different side, where it needs to constantly change its expression, while participating in scenes of torture and sexual exposure. Jeremy Irons, who has a much smaller role, as usual, manages to steal the scene in each brief appearance, reinforcing his talent. Charlotte Rampling, who works as the cold trainer of Red Sparrows, is another highlight, delivering her role so well that it seems to have been made for her.

Crítica: Operação Red Sparrow 1
Charlotte Rampling in Operation Red Sparrow | Image: Fox Films

The direction of Francis Lawrence handles scenes and cuts very well, maintaining an interesting strategic suspense that manages to capture the interesting. However, it is not enough to remedy the lack of action and for those who wanted an experience in the best style James Bond, the film will certainly get tiring.

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