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Opinion | Is it still worth subscribing to Netflix in 2019?


I could simply say “no” and end this text with just one word, but it is necessary to argue and counter-argument about the question posed in the title of the text. In fact, it is no wonder that the Netflix is affectionately called Streaming Giant. Even for what it has become over the years: from a company that delivered DVDs by mail to what we know today.

And all in such a short time. It was in 2007 that Netflix started transmitting via streaming to the United States and three years later, it already had coverage in Canada. There are 190 countries that receive the signal from the platform - with the exception of China, North Korea, Crimea and Syria.

It is estimated that around the world, it counts about 100 million subscribers and each country has a specific value. Last March, it had been announced that the value of Brazilian tuition fees would increase. Okay, nothing more fair after all, everything increases according to the increase in the minimum wage - at least here in Brazil. It looked something like this:

BASIC PLAN (1 screen, digital content - not HD):
from R$ 19.90 to R$ 21.90 monthly (increase of 10.5%)

STANDARD PLAN (2 simultaneous screens, HD content):
from R$ 27.90 to R$ 32.90 monthly (increase of 17.90%)

PREMIUM PLAN (4 simultaneous screens, Ultra HD content):
from R$ 37.90 to R$ 45.90 monthly (increase of 21,10%)

This will be the first time that the company has increased subscription fees in all plans, in Brazil, since 2017. Until then, the adjustment had been made only in the Standard and Premium plans. In 2013 and later, 2015, Brazilian signatures also changed. On all occasions, only the Basic plan maintained the value of R$ 19.90.

And the subscriber, how is it?

Since the Netflix arrived in Brazil in 2011, the coolest way to follow series and movies was to download them through specific applications and platforms. Before that, everyone went to video stores and made that holiday or weekend package. Who doesn't remember the "Take 4 and get 2"? In addition, it was the most economical way to consume entertainment. Today, it is at your fingertips through applications, computers and laptops and of smart TVs.

Of course, aiming for “world domination”, other companies in the field will want a slice of that pizza called preference. And this is what has happened in the last few years: the emergence and announcement of new platforms for streams seeking direct competition with Netflix. And honestly, with subscriber catalogs, no defects. Speaking of catalog, in 2017, the portal Exstreamist ranked countries with coverage of Netflix, which had the best catalog.

In the first place was the United States, with 5,750 titles - which is nothing new for anyone, given that the Netflix is an American company based in Los Gatos, California. Then, French Guiana with 4,513 and Benin, in West Africa, took the bronze medal, having 3,633 works in its catalog. In 28th position, was Brazil with its 2,234 titles. It may seem somewhat unfair or scary, taking into account that the country is the second largest consumer of videos in the YouTube all around the world.

Being stuck with a service that is good, but lately has left you wanting for mere whim or status, it is, in fact, not valuing your tastes and your rights to change as a consumer. Above all, disrespect for payers.

Series canceled without the slightest explanation; delay in updating the catalog or even insertion of new titles for the collection; withdrawal of works that have the preference of the general public, are one of the reasons that discourage subscribing to the Netflix in 2019. Your marketing team is impeccably incredible and has a lot of fun interacting on social media with your followers, but it's not enough.


One of the streams that attract the most attention today, is the Prime Video, gives Amazon, which basically has a title and another that Netflix has, but some series and films, highlight the streaming gives Amazon, especially the “Originals”. Mention for Mr. Robot and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the same as Gilmore Girls.

Another one that is growing every day is the Globoplay. Brazilian 100% service, subsidiary of Globo Television Network where in its catalog, in the majority, are the soap operas, series, miniseries and programs produced by the broadcaster - but not all. In addition, there are the productions acquired by the right of image / exhibition, exclusive to the platform. Mention for The Good Doctor, Killing Eve and If I close my eyes now.

Linked to Globoplay, They are Globosat Play, contained in system channels Globosat for pay-TV. Multishow, GNT, Canal Off, VIVA, Gloob, Gloobinho, BIS, More Globosat, SporTV, Canal Brasil and Globo News, are some examples of the whole package that the subscription TV subscriber has to watch in real time or review a lost program. Highlight for the More Globosat, which has incredible series.

The Telecine Play, which is part of the group Globosat, is only available to subscribers of the package upon availability of pay-TV. But in general, other paid channels that are also part of the Globosat, are available in most TV subscription packages, such as Megapix, Syfy, Universal TV and Universal Studio. Each of these has its own streaming and can be accessed with registered login and password.

The OiTV available to its subscribers, the OiPlay, an extra plus with channels that are not available on TV through a platform of streaming exclusive. By means of the contracted package, the subscriber has productions from the channels Crackle, Noggin and a special curator contained in the menu Oi Collection - check availability.

The future is promising, given that the Disney and the Apple have already announced their futures streams scheduled to launch in the second half of 2019. Disney + will invest in nostalgic programming (which is no small feat) through new acquisitions, including Fox and new productions, Disney + Originals.

The “apple” streaming, on the other hand, invested in technology and in the high echelon of Hollywood: Brie Larson, Jason Momoa, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner, Oprah Winfrey and JJ Abrams, are examples of professionals who will act, produce and direct some titles already confirmed by the content management of AppleTV +.

So, is it worth it to be a Netflix subscriber in 2019?

I would say yes, but with reservations. The secret is not to restrict yourself to it. It will continue to be the market leader, with more or less subscription. Your brand and your name is already stabilized in the entertainment market. When it comes to streaming, immediately remember Netflix.

Reverting this situation will be painful for current and future options, however, not impossible. Sign up Netflix is to live in eternal uncertainty if your favorite series will be renewed for another year, if the series you follow has already updated or if the darling film for days of boredom, will be among the titles to alleviate the tiredness of everyday life.

I would say no, because we already have other options, even cheaper than the current plans and the diversity exists to give us the power to choose, whether by quality, quantity, content or price. what is missing for the Netflix it is a goal: to stop launching new productions (uninteresting, by the way) every week and focus on those that give more views, that have more audiences.

Stop making so much announcement of this, that and put into practice the many works that should have already entered the catalog. And finally, improve the Brazilian catalog: clean up unnecessary titles and, in fact, bet on what may be good for the national public and make, in fact, every penny paid from the adjusted values.



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