Saturday, 27, February, 2021

Yes, we fell. My fault: Thunder was the victim of fake news and let himself be carried away by the appearances of the terms "IT'S OFFICIAL!", "CONFIRMED!", where nothing was one hundred percent clear about the actor Robert Pattinson whether or not to be the new face of Batman on the big screens. Well, countless news portals have spread the good news. Official profiles (official ones, those with a check mark) shared images with texts welcoming the actor to his new endeavor. "Batman" came first in the Trending Topics (most commented subjects in Twitter) worldwide. Wow, what a commotion.

The fact is that none of this was correct. The advice of Pattinson it had not been pronounced; The A.D (the home of Batman) had also said nothing - but all portals had used the A.D as the holder of the great news. My fault: Thunder fell in the vicar's tale. At the present moment in which Brazil finds itself, completely discredited of the facts and the press, which was considered one of the greatest powers of the society, flaunts the flag of devaluation without the desire to fly it, the famous fake news arrived and took the space of “True news” without asking permission. They arrived with their feet on the door. Can not!

The journalist's role is to investigate, read, inform, listen to sources (people) and even before publishing notes, texts, images or whatever, when it comes to news, it is necessary to be sure if all that, if all that work is true. Understand: everything happened from the American portal Variety, which confirmed the actor's negotiation (not acceptance) with the studios Warner Bros. Pictures/A.D in order to be the “new” Bruce Wayne. I said negotiation.

Only another portal, probably competing and with an interest in visualizations and having the much desired journalistic scoop, "replied" the previous site, saying that the actor Nicholas Hoult was in the running. As the good old internet user says, “something wrong is not right“.

The Brazilian entertainment portals understood the way they wanted, caused a stir among fans of the heroes - and consumers of content / entertainment and published, giving one hundred percent certainty, that Robert replaced Ben Affleck in the paper. Meanwhile, the American press was on fire and slapping to see who was right in the whole story.

Okay, and who was right? The actors (Pattinson and Hoult), of course, that were cited, used as mass of maneuver and unintentionally, made us, Brazilians and mere mortals, believe that they were the new Bruce Wayne. My fault: Thunder fell into the networks and thanks to fake news. But in our defense, everything has been "investigated": straight from the source? No. Was it determined how the costume was sent? Not too. And we do not even have this direct and immediate contact with the respective advisors of the companies and actors mentioned above, but through the news already published, profiles on social networks and other media, we think that everything was Okay and yet, we use our networks to “get on the wave”.

My fault: without further justification.
At fake news they are harmful, they destroy the most beautiful part of journalism, which is the act of truthfully reporting, and it makes everything wrong to be right and we, consumers of news, deal with it in a good way, as if none of it were not bad. Reading is important. Interpret the text, paramount. And the lesson was learned: no more being a maria-go-with-the-others. We don't intend to make the same mistake again, even if making mistakes is a human trait - and Thunder is made of humans.
No longer my fault.
And until the closing of this text, Robert Pattinson it is not the Batman.


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