Thursday, 21, October, 2021

Orphan Black: Watch the trailer for the last season of the series

The BBC America released the trailer for the fifth and final season of Orphan Black. 

The preview shows that the season will be tense, with statements from the characters of Tatiana Maslany - Sarah, Alison, Helena and Cosima- promising to fight.

Check out:

The official synopsis of the fifth season was also released:

This season, the walls will close for Sarah when all of her allies are commanded by Rachel. To make matters worse, his daughter Kira also joined them. With the threat of Neolution having access to the biology of the clones, Sarah is desperate to regain control but she must rethink her tactics for an exhausting pursuit. Protecting both her two families and several clones she does not yet know, Sarah and those still struggling will try to discover the remaining pieces of this conspiracy - and finally understand the story behind its origin. Despite the great risk, the fight of her life will end with her and her free clones, or with the end of them all.


The fifth and final season of Orphan Black opens on June 10 in the United States. Previous seasons are already available on Netflix.

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