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The Forgotten | HBO Announces Cast of Series

Production created by Fábio Mendonça and Antônio Tibau will have a mysterious and dark atmosphere


Next Monday, February 17th, the HBO starts filming The forgotten, an unprecedented series of suspense and mystery.

With locations in São Paulo, Paranapiacaba and other cities in the interior of São Paulo, the recordings will take four months. In the cast are Caroline Abras, Daniel Rocha, Silvero Pereira, James Turpin and Osvaldo Mil.

Over 10 episodes, The forgotten will tell the story of a group of young people who get lost on a trail in Serra do Mar. In danger and in the middle of the forest, the group finds shelter in a village that is not on the maps, hidden by an eternal fog.

The forgotten is produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Eduardo Zaca, gives HBO Latin America Originals, and Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck, gives O2 Movies. The series will be directed by Fábio Mendonça.



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