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Review: The Guardians

Weak production


Russian cinema is not very well known, rarely does any production manage to be commented on outside the country. The Guardians foi uma grande aposta do russos, que conseguiram um grande alcance com seu trailer, chegando a ter uma distribuição firme no Brasil e a ser apelidado de ‘Vingadores Russos’ pelo público.

Perhaps because it deals with a theme that generally pleases the public, this film was chosen to show the functioning of the country's audiovisual industry. Unfortunately, it ended up being a negative marketing, since those who know know that Russian cinema can make quality works (the short adapted from the comic Major Grom is a good example) and The Guardians does not fit between these productions.

The plot revolves around the organization Patriot, who during the cold war conducted experiments to create soldiers with super powers. So were created Arsus (Anton Pampushnyy), Khan (Sanjar Madi), Read (Sebastien Sisak) and Kseniya (Alina Lanina), which through DNA modifications developed different powers. However, August (Stanislav Shirin) was also affected in an accident that occurred shortly after closing the operation and has now become a mutant villain, with enormous strength, who wants to take over the world. The group, called The Guardians, is the only hope to stop the villain.

The Guardians

The plot is not exactly original, but this is the least of the problems, many action films use a similar theme and end up working. The problem is even in the inconsistency of the script, which leaves several holes during the plot. You can define The Guardians with just two words: Standard Scenes. The impression we have is that the screenwriter Andrey Gavrilov seguiu algum tipo de manual para escrever essa obra, onde empregou as partes “obrigatórias” que seguem passos previsíveis presente na maioria das produções de ação.

The direction of Sarik Andreasyan also leaves something to be desired. Several strange angles are presented and moments that also seem to follow a manual (since there is the same pattern in all scenes that will require a fight and a very cliché part in the final moments) are not uncommon. The lack of strategic cuts is stark, resulting in takes long ones that show much more than necessary and end up harming the experience. There is no need to show a long scene with a character saying almost the entire Our Father to show his personality, nor Kseniya fighting against everyone in the group, separately, only to accept joining the team seconds later.

The effects are in the middle. There are times when the special effects convince and deliver a beautiful scene, however in others they are very poorly done and the result is almost comical. Much of these moments are due to the bear that Arsus turns into, which steals the focus and ends up showing a scene worthy of very low-budget productions. The same goes for the performances, which are shallow, but do not seem to be due to the lack of talent in the cast, but due to the flawed construction in the script.

The Guardians it even had the potential to work, but weak production is lost. Investing in rules and standards, the film ends up leaving moments poorly explained and presents everything in a rushed way, which hinders the development of the characters and the audience's interaction with them. The film has several unjustifiable moments, which force an emotional bond that does not convince and leaves much to be desired in the final result.

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